Run and read


I lupa if I have shared about me going running (more to walking fast – actually).  But this year I wish to restart my running activity, and I would like to improve my endurance. Not so much la, endurance tahap running lah, maksudnya, I nak bagi durasi larian I tu, konsisten and paling penting, I can run straight without alternating it with walking – for 1 km, maybe? I stopped a lot while running, I need to improve my running time perkm. I used to do 2.4km in less than 15 minutes, but that was more than 10 years ago. I don’t know if I could but, let’s try. I recorded my running because I need to be reminded constantly that I need to proceed this, I need to do it frequently, not for anybody else, it’s for me, all, for me. Wish me luck! I didn’t set any target, I haven’t registered to participate in any running event, for now, it’d be good if I could stick to running as my pass time activity.

I read so many books this year, within the same time if compared to last year! 🙂 I found new love with Murakami. But I’ve just read two of his books. So far, I like both. Enough to keep me reading until the last page.

I’ve bought a rack for the books in IKEA and hadn’t go around to install it anyway. Need helping hand~

So far, works treated me good. Though a bit busy with new commitments but I think I can get them through/done.

Have a good weekend you guys! 🙂

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