LIMA’17, tyres and specs


  • It was a good experience, totally different from LIMA’13
  • I met few new friends, which was cool.
  • Was assigned to coordinate the official dinner hosted by YBTM. All was good, except on seating arrangement and lighting.
  • But anyway, I had fun with friends… during the air show and maritime show…
  • Bought some chocolate
  • Back home with a bit tan
  • Someone from LIMA kept messaging me… until today… which is indifferent so far


  • Changed all four of jiji’s tyres, they are due anyway
  • Found two dented rims – left them for repairing now I am using lent rims from the workshop
  • RM680 – the cost
  • Hankook, Made in Indonesia, 0717


  • Changed to a lower specification – meant cheaper in these almost 6 years, costed me RM315 this year, from Dr. Specs
  • My frequency of changing specs is biannually
  • Slightly bigger frame – kpop feeling though I am not into them a bit
  • My left eye’s recovering – from 525 to 400 (whatever it means).
  •  Silau naik sikit.
  • Still adapting 🙂

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