Memohon Bantuan

Few days ago, I had to drive to Malacca to pick up my brother yang demam. It was Monday, on the day when I was rushing from a workshop to a meeting, from Bangi to KL and then dropped by at Putrajaya to pick up Jujue to accompany me to Malacca.

When we were having dinner at RnR Seremban, we were approached by a young man, promoting us to contribute to some kind of “wakaf for anak yatim” – RM20 minimum contribution – to purchase a state of the art Al-Quran at RM560.

I didn’t question the benefit of contribution but I was wondering why did this kind of activity happens in Malaysia.

  1. I was thinking of that young man – even if this is kind of charity – I am positive this is also his daily/full time job;
  2. I think the price for the contribution shouldn’t be determined – charity – should come voluntarily and happily, maybe we sometimes need something to trigger us to contribute but…. (you get the idea)
  3. There are few of them, I think it’s about 3-4… Someone must dropped them there, because it’s a highway you can’t simply come out of nowhere to be there…
  4. I imagined if we can offer them jobs at the port, with accommodation and accordingly arranged – would they appreciate the working opportunity?

It was like… I have my brother who is around their age, I can’t imagine if he had to do this kind of job.

I also think of the older men and women who had to sell keropok at hentian, or petrol pump stations…

Who would let their parents do such jobs? Maybe they came out of a hobby. But for charity, there are actually a lot of other ways of attracting contributions.

Or adakah I jahat sangat sampai malas nak menyumbang?


3 thoughts on “Memohon Bantuan

  1. lama sudah tidak menyimpang di sini.. thanks to a tweet to know that this assistdirect (no more- kan? ) is still life.. haha

  2. saya suka point number 4. fikir benda yang sama juga. banyak kali. kalau la kita ada contact number yang kita boleh offer kat dia untuk dia follow up.

    give a fish, dia kenyang sehari, give a fishing skill, insya Allah dia boleh usaha sendiri.

    selalunya kalau kes macam ni, ida just bagi dia singgit dua ringgit untuk dia minum air je.

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