Travelling during Ramadan


Kadang-kadang rasa nak duduk jauh dari rumah sendiri masa Ramadan ni, nak berpuasa di tempat asing, tak asing sangat pun takpe tapi, best jugak kalau dapat puasa kat mana-mana.

Terus tahun depan rasa nak puasa di Mekah, berjayakah? Teringat tahun 2012, dapat peluang berpuasa di St Petersburg dan Paris. Pengalaman yang paling mengujakan. Paling tak tahan bau kopi di merata tempat, dari lapangan terbang sehinggalah ke tepi-tepi jalan. Kafe berserakan, terutamanya di Paris!

Sempat juga berbuka puasa di bilik Big Boss! She brought her trusted periuk elektrik! Makan nasi, serunding and lauk-lauk simple. It’s nice enough! Masa tu di St Petersburg, Bigboss datang on my last day there, dia ada meeting while I had just finished series of workshop.

Beberapa hari sebelum tu I keluar makan dengan the other big boss, ada pemandu, (Alhamdulillah!) yang ditugaskan untuk bawa kami ke mana-mana. It was summertime, and it was white summer I think, the sun set at 1030 pm! But surprisingly I wasn’t tired at all, after workshops ended at 6.30 pm we went out to visit some places, and even the driver was amazed with me. My bigboss at that time was Chinese, so he didn’t fast. The driver was like “Aren’t you tired, aish?” Haha, didn’t feel tired might be because I was excited enough to be in Russia! The driver took us to respective Muslim restaurants, we had Briyani, Iran’s food and other food from some middle east country I can’t remember. My Thailand colleagues were also with my boss and I, because they joined us for sight seeing so they ate like they are Muslim too. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh, memories!

Pray for such opportunities again! ๐Ÿ™‚



An Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is a safety device used in electrical installations with high Earth impedance to prevent shock. It detects small stray voltages on the metal enclosures of electrical equipment, and interrupts the circuit if a dangerous voltage is detected


Apparently it was the ELCB, the potential cause for the sudden trip at my home. Last night my friend, the technician came and we checked each switch and plug, and found nothing wrong with them.

As we sat down and I made him latte, the trip happened again, blackout. So he tried to turn the ELCB up again, but it refused. So then he did few things – not sure actually then it’s on again, the electric. So he advised me on what should be done if it’sย “trip” again so okay.

Around 2.30 am I woke up to find that it’s blackout again. I tried to practice what my technician friend taught me but to no avail. I just went back to sleep and prayed that it’ll be okay during suhur, nope, it didn’t happen.

I was late this morning to office because I had to wait for the electricity to iron my office wear (should prepare one set (of pressed clothes) for this kind of emergency). It’s not until 9 am when the ELCB wanted to behave.

The technician will be available around 12 this noon so I need to rush back home, he’s gonna change the elcb, really hoping that it won’t trip again. InsyaAllah!

(Had suhur in darkness again)

4th day dah?

Hi everyone,

  • Someone complaint about the language of this blog, mixed katanya. Well!
  • It’s already 4th day fasting, Alhamdulillah!
  • I had suhur in the dark due to some problem with the main switch at home. It just didn’t want to turn on those past two days during suhur time, that’s from 3-6 am.
  • Last night the main switch refused to work from 2230 to 330 in the morning. I was lucky to get the electricity back around 5 am – during suhur. Alhamdulillah.
  • I’ve found out that some of the potential cause to this problem are from two or more plugs and switch located at the kitchen area. So this morning, I changed the power supply for the fridge to the other plug while the other switch for the kitchen hood was closedย by the electrician last Friday for temporary measure.
  • I hope my trusted electrician will come over tonight to fix things, it’s quite hard to sleep without a.c damn, who have I become? Should be grateful.
  • I had a miserable sleep last night, I kept on waking up each hour and kept on trying to turn on the main switch only to get it turned off again.
  • Even when I had suhur in the dark, I managed to cook two dishes (for two suhur) – one was the spaghetti with omega trail mix and dried fig and dried apricot – it’s so filling but it’s too sweet due to the dried fruits and another one was a cheesy omelette.
  • I cooked last night, pasta ala alfredo with chicken and spinach and basil. I like it but I cooked a lot, didn’t finish it. I bought the grated parmesan for the first time.
  • I might prepared pesto pasta today – bought the sauce yesterday – no blender to make my own paste – never tried anyway but I read somewhere that most of the pine nuts sold in Malaysia are from China so the taste was quite bitter – so it’s advised to use walnut instead.

Okay, that would be all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t say things you didn’t mean

I paling malas bila orang pandai cakap je and then underestimate me.

Ayat macam, “Macam lah awak rajin sangat”, “Dah agak mesti tak nak join ni”. Ni jenis ayat-ayat assumption yang membuatkan I rasa nak kena prove something pula kat diorang.

You all menyampah tak bila kena respond macam ni.

Juga ayat macam “kau tu yang selalu busy”. Eh? Apa-apa benda works two ways la sayang!

And people who thought they know me. Of courselah they think they know lah sebab tu diorang can come out with such assumption. Masalahnya, tak! I hate it, the point that people play with words. Betullah tu kata-kata, janganlah berjanji bila you are happy! Sebab apa, sebab I sangat pegang pada kata-kata.

Bila perkara is between yes and no, I really hate the when the answer is “maybe” or “tak tau” “or yes… kot” . ย Because the decision is on you and only you can decide whether it’s a yes or a no.

I memang macam ni. I can be so easy to deal, maybe if you are sincere. Ceh.

Think positive!

  • I met a friend at a Pasar Malam last Tuesday. He heard that now I am known as a Subject Matter Expert for a thing that I do now. So I asked him where did he hear about this, apparently it’s a talk among our mutual friends. I hope they talked about me in a positive way;
  • I was appointed to hold some extra curricular activities in the office, and now currently I am the chairman to represent the staff, it was by voting system by the staff too. I hoped people chose me because they believed in my capability to represent them, not because they just wanted to play me – I don’t know. Things like this do happen, no? I think too much – my friends told me;
  • I was chosen to represent the Ministry to be one of the few ones to move the latest national initiatives, I hope that I could contribute accordingly, if not more; and
  • I hope that bosses believe in me, and they way I see/saw things.



  • Sembang sembang dalam toilet tadi, tanya seorang kawan ni, dah beli baju raya ke? Dia jawab, dah tempah. So I kata lah, I dah lama tak tempah baju, without any intention of anything, just mengenang nasib payah nak cari tukang jahit dan tak mampu bayar upah kot. ย Lepas tu kawan ni pun jawab, U takpelah U boleh pakai size sedia ada, beli siap lagi mudah. Oh… alhamdulillah, rezeki.
  • Teringat pula dulu masa nak kenduri adik no dua, yang first kenduri, I plan nak beli/cari baju matchy matchy family. ย I pergi Jakel nak beli kain pasang tu, meter. I dah berkenan dengan satu kain ni, cotton, sulam and pink (terpaksalah adik-adik I yang lain terima). ย Bila I cakap, okay, I nak yang ni, salesman tu cakap, kejap ye kak. Lepas tu dia buat buat busy. ย Agak dia tengok I tak puas hati, dia cakap, “psstt… kakak, jap lagi happy hour!” Okay, dia nak jual kat I dengan harga yang lebih murah, alhamdulillah… rezeki.
  • Untuk kenduri seterusnya, saya beli baju siap dari Zalora, alhamdulillah, my sisters and brothers boleh muat untuk size-size yang sedia ada. ย Untuk baju kurung masa tu, I dapat RM50 per pair and baju Melayu rasanya RM67. (Ada dapat diskaun tertentu dari Zalora masa tu) Biasanya, I beli 5-6 pasang baju kurung dan 5-6 pasang baju Melayu juga. ย Tapi beli asing-asing tapi alhamdulillah, masih dapat matching.
  • Ada juga pernah beli baju Melayu di Jakel, penghabisan stok, baju Melayu off season, I dapat RM50/pair, siap dengan butang baju Melayu. Kualiti yang baik dan harga, yang sangat menarik! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Pernah beli baju kurung di Nilai (5 pasang kot) dapat juga harga RM50 perpair.

Itu je, teringat… rezeki. ๐Ÿ™‚