4th day dah?

Hi everyone,

  • Someone complaint about the language of this blog, mixed katanya. Well!
  • It’s already 4th day fasting, Alhamdulillah!
  • I had suhur in the dark due to some problem with the main switch at home. It just didn’t want to turn on those past two days during suhur time, that’s from 3-6 am.
  • Last night the main switch refused to work from 2230 to 330 in the morning. I was lucky to get the electricity back around 5 am – during suhur. Alhamdulillah.
  • I’ve found out that some of the potential cause to this problem are from two or more plugs and switch located at the kitchen area. So this morning, I changed the power supply for the fridge to the other plug while the other switch for the kitchen hood was closedΒ by the electrician last Friday for temporary measure.
  • I hope my trusted electrician will come over tonight to fix things, it’s quite hard to sleep without a.c damn, who have I become? Should be grateful.
  • I had a miserable sleep last night, I kept on waking up each hour and kept on trying to turn on the main switch only to get it turned off again.
  • Even when I had suhur in the dark, I managed to cook two dishes (for two suhur) – one was the spaghetti with omega trail mix and dried fig and dried apricot – it’s so filling but it’s too sweet due to the dried fruits and another one was a cheesy omelette.
  • I cooked last night, pasta ala alfredo with chicken and spinach and basil. I like it but I cooked a lot, didn’t finish it. I bought the grated parmesan for the first time.
  • I might prepared pesto pasta today – bought the sauce yesterday – no blender to make my own paste – never tried anyway but I read somewhere that most of the pine nuts sold in Malaysia are from China so the taste was quite bitter – so it’s advised to use walnut instead.

Okay, that would be all. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “4th day dah?

  1. Hai Cacah. Selamat Berpuasa.

    ” Someone complaint about the language of this blog, mixed katanya. ”

    Who cares?!

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