TN50-Meet #2

Just had a fruitful meet up this morning. Today we discuss more on our vision for the city, town and village of the future.

The meet up was held in KL. Before meeting we were tasked to share our vision according to some features and we were also given lots of references, notes and links for additional reading. Yes, involving with this group – Living and Well-being, I need to do a lot of reading because most of the things discussed aren’t the things I am familiar with. But, it’s a good exposure.

We also need to complete the task given, it’s like a worksheet, but more sophisticated, arh, it’s like the online survey we’ve used to do. Only it’s a subjective, and more writing needed. But of course, the notes and points that the Admin supplied to us really help.

I can’t remember what I’ve put down but today during the meeting, it’s such a pleasure to see that my vision was discussed (along with everyone’s point) but it was such a good feeling to see that our point and idea being considered. 😛

What do you think is the right city of the future, the kind of city of the future that we could have for Malaysia in 20-30 years ahead? Vision 2050 can happen earlier, if it’s up to me.

Here’s the things we could consider

  • type of neighbourhood living – integrated work + play + life?, seperated and concentrated between work and life? facilities? high-rise building? low rise?
  • what kind of city experience that we hope for – more green spaces? more walking alleys, safe and secured?, arts and culture centers within walking distance?
  • centrality? – imagine KL, important exciting things are mostly in KL, isn’t it? Should we have more KL? or should we distribute the roles so that cities are equal? People don’t have to travel far from KB to KL just for one particular thing? Will it work?
  • main means of transport – yeah, I really hope for a well connected rail network. Hopefully there’ll be more places up to rural area that are reachable via rail.

Anyway, we too have to consider one thing, that is the climate at our place. It’s warm (put it nicely) and though we have buildings close to one another, and though there are safe walking pathways, but the climate prevents us from walking, right? I know I have been saying things like, “oh I wish it’s not too hot, I could just walk to MOF, or Customs for meeting. It’s only few blocks!” But due to the temperature, I need to drive and then, there’s parking issue anyway!

Maybe we could re-engineer the climate?

Some of the issues discussed includes the sustainability, be it in transport and building. And the living area. These factors influence our well-being and life span!

One of the Doctors present wanted us to look at how we design the city to prevent health issues. Yup, that’s right, because, the Doctors and Nurses are now mostly working on damage control. Do you get what I mean?

And I conclude with this statement “city will be cantik, if the people living there is cantik”. We should have the sense of belonging of the place we live in! We could do so much more instead of hoping for helps from particular bodies.

Okay, enough ranting, I need to get home, find someone to mow the lawn, and get cleaner to clean the house.

Bye, happy weekend!


Berbuka with officemates

Created by PhotoGrid.

Last night I had fun buka puasa session with the officemates at the Everly. The price per pax was around RM88, half for the kids. (I didn’t pay for it).

I am not sure about the price, whether or not it’s reasonable but looking at the buffet spread, it was quite okay for someone who can stomach up to RM88 value. Anyway, they offered various kind of food, and gave us so much to choose from. I remembered I had satay, goreng2, masak lemak ketam, roasted duck (yums), roasted lamb (gosh), kari telur ikan yang sedap, ais krim, buah2, dodol etc. And few glasses of cordials – calamansi, grape, roselle. Banyaknya.

I remember 10 years ago, we would be invited by so many companies for buffet session during buka puasa, up to sometimes we had to let go some. But fast forward these few years, we realized that the financial situation wasn’t as before, therefore, so much policies being introduced, the invitation for such buka puasa session had become such a rare occassion.

I went for Maghrib at the surau, it’s not as crowded as I expected, syukur. And the telekung was clean too. Maybe I was there too early. 🙂


Malam tadi terjumpa tempat jual baju kurung murah, ada yang RM15 je sepasang, mostly kurung old school. I scored two kurung pahang in cotton, one for me and one for my SIL. Most of the baju kurung adalah dari season (years) lepas, so it’s quite challenging to find something you like, anyway, it depends on your taste. I saw the tag – brand Puteri, which was sold in Jusco dulu (now Aeon). I tanya adik yang jaga situ, baju tu dari Jusco tak habis ke macam mana, I was informed they are the supplier for Jusco, instead.

They also have the latest design too, and anyway I bought another kurung pahang for RM50, which is still a bargain for me. It’s so nice, I will share photos when I wear it, insyaAllah. Still, the kurung pahang is from past seasons/years, but hey, they’re timeless!

For the latest designs, all the fancy, 2017-cy fashion are sold at affordable price too. F purchased a nice mini kurung, in grey and pink with a bit bling bling for RM159, I think. Ada juga kurung sulam2 and beaded yang nice, kebarung etc.

So, if ada kesempatan or saja-saja nak tengok bolehla ke Ayer8, the place is at 2nd floor, (one floor up from the surau).


“What do you want to have? Tomyum or Chinese Muslim food?” A friend asked me upon our meeting for berbuka. Good, I said to myself. Spare me of thinking of what to have for berbuka.

It seems that issue on “where to eat” is always a big deal among friends, I’m not kidding. With my girlfriends, it sometimes takes up to one hour of WA conversation to decide a place for lunch.

The choices as given by my friend, anyway, could only be accepted if we are close enough and know our friends’ preferences, maybe? It also depends on the location of the meeting, which place is the easiest, or affordable or offers choices of meals everyone would like.

But sometimes, we feel comfortable of suggesting for a place to eat because we ourselves are comfortable with the place like, we live in that area and know well the taste would be good and there might be something for everyone.

Sometimes there are people who aren’t really comfortable to have to choose from given options.  I don’t really know. For me, sometimes it’s good to have someone narrowing down choices for me.




Lately I am so into this filter by #photogrid! hahah! Lame kan?

Anyway, these are all photos captured since last week, until today. I’ve had nice time with family and friends, I can’t be thankful enough.

Raya shopping? I’ve basically covered (covfefe) my shopping, in fact now I’m refraining myself from more shopping, yeah like that could happen, hah! All I do now is window shopping online-ly, from the comfort of the couch, and bed 🙂

How about anyone else?

Anyway, hope you had a blessed Ramadan so far, till then, bye!



Kau tak payah susah susah lah echah kau serahkan je pada Allah, Dia sebaik-baik perancang!

Ayat cliche kalau bercakap pasal jodoh. Masalahnya, aku ni bersusah-susah ke. Takpun cuma kadang-kadang confuse je tapi takde apa pun. Confuse pun sekejap-sekejap tu je. Sama ada dia ni suka aku ke tak, aku ni suka dia ke tak? Hmmm. Lepas tu malas dah nak fikir.

Umur dah almost 40 kot (tetiba). Lepas raya ni I’ll be 35, insyaAllah but I still feel like I am not around that age. Now I come to better understand the meaning of “age is just a number”. Because basically I am not much changed from the 25 years old me.  Same old same old.

Oh, talking about plans, I had made some arrangement for buka puasa but then, tiba-tiba ada berbuka adhoc kat office lah pulak! Hmmm it was announced during the meeting this morning and I was like, I have to be there. Confuse juga kenapa I bersungguh sangat rasa I have to be there? Malas nak fikir.

I had a meeting earlier and yesterday I thought the meeting would take up the afternoon part of my work today but, hmm it ended after one hour. I am so bored now. Might as well go home. Maybe I’ll go home in 30 minutes.

How was your Ramadan so far dear?


Central Market

I posted this photo on Instagram just now and realized I had so much to share about this place. Central Market, or CM – I think the first place I went for a date in KL? It’s 17 years ago with my then bf. (Hope he is well, anywhere he is). He waited for me at the Bangkok Bank – and walked with me to CM and later I think we went to KLCC  using Putra LRT. I was on the break from college, I had matrix in Penang. Memories!

I think we broke up via phone – it happened when I was out with some friends, when I was also there at CM. (Irony). He called me that day. I really feel like I wanted to forget the reasons why I ignored him, but I can’t. I am suck at forgetting unimportant and trivial things like these. I remember his question “so, this is it?” I was like, “yeah if you put it like that” And we were off. That was in 2002. I think I did take him for granted. (Hope he’s happy now).

I had a friend who told me he used to just sit at CM and watch people. Those were the days when he didn’t know what to do, some were hard times when life was a bit sad.

But anyways, it’s quite sad to be there yesterday, I hope CM won’t lost its charms! I looked at things and thought that I could get this anywhere else, at cheaper price. I didn’t know what to say, just kept it in mind. Maybe because I had a chance to travel around so those things looked usual to me, but maybe for the first timer out to KL, those things would be a real find!

Anyway, it’s 10th Ramadan now, hope you guys had a blessed Ramadan so far. 🙂 InsyaAllah!