Kau tak payah susah susah lah echah kau serahkan je pada Allah, Dia sebaik-baik perancang!

Ayat cliche kalau bercakap pasal jodoh. Masalahnya, aku ni bersusah-susah ke. Takpun cuma kadang-kadang confuse je tapi takde apa pun. Confuse pun sekejap-sekejap tu je. Sama ada dia ni suka aku ke tak, aku ni suka dia ke tak? Hmmm. Lepas tu malas dah nak fikir.

Umur dah almost 40 kot (tetiba). Lepas raya ni I’ll be 35, insyaAllah but I still feel like I am not around that age. Now I come to better understand the meaning of “age is just a number”. Because basically I am not much changed from the 25 years old me.  Same old same old.

Oh, talking about plans, I had made some arrangement for buka puasa but then, tiba-tiba ada berbuka adhoc kat office lah pulak! Hmmm it was announced during the meeting this morning and I was like, I have to be there. Confuse juga kenapa I bersungguh sangat rasa I have to be there? Malas nak fikir.

I had a meeting earlier and yesterday I thought the meeting would take up the afternoon part of my work today but, hmm it ended after one hour. I am so bored now. Might as well go home. Maybe I’ll go home in 30 minutes.

How was your Ramadan so far dear?