“What do you want to have? Tomyum or Chinese Muslim food?” A friend asked me upon our meeting for berbuka. Good, I said to myself. Spare me of thinking of what to have for berbuka.

It seems that issue on “where to eat” is always a big deal among friends, I’m not kidding. With my girlfriends, it sometimes takes up to one hour of WA conversation to decide a place for lunch.

The choices as given by my friend, anyway, could only be accepted if we are close enough and know our friends’ preferences, maybe? It also depends on the location of the meeting, which place is the easiest, or affordable or offers choices of meals everyone would like.

But sometimes, we feel comfortable of suggesting for a place to eat because we ourselves are comfortable with the place like, we live in that area and know well the taste would be good and there might be something for everyone.

Sometimes there are people who aren’t really comfortable to have to choose from given options.  I don’t really know. For me, sometimes it’s good to have someone narrowing down choices for me.


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