Malam tadi terjumpa tempat jual baju kurung murah, ada yang RM15 je sepasang, mostly kurung old school. I scored two kurung pahang in cotton, one for me and one for my SIL. Most of the baju kurung adalah dari season (years) lepas, so it’s quite challenging to find something you like, anyway, it depends on your taste. I saw the tag – brand Puteri, which was sold in Jusco dulu (now Aeon). I tanya adik yang jaga situ, baju tu dari Jusco tak habis ke macam mana, I was informed they are the supplier for Jusco, instead.

They also have the latest design too, and anyway I bought another kurung pahang for RM50, which is still a bargain for me. It’s so nice, I will share photos when I wear it, insyaAllah. Still, the kurung pahang is from past seasons/years, but hey, they’re timeless!

For the latest designs, all the fancy, 2017-cy fashion are sold at affordable price too. F purchased a nice mini kurung, in grey and pink with a bit bling bling for RM159, I think. Ada juga kurung sulam2 and beaded yang nice, kebarung etc.

So, if ada kesempatan or saja-saja nak tengok bolehla ke Ayer8, the place is at 2nd floor, (one floor up from the surau).


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