Berbuka with officemates

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Last night I had fun buka puasa session with the officemates at the Everly. The price per pax was around RM88, half for the kids. (I didn’t pay for it).

I am not sure about the price, whether or not it’s reasonable but looking at the buffet spread, it was quite okay for someone who can stomach up to RM88 value. Anyway, they offered various kind of food, and gave us so much to choose from. I remembered I had satay, goreng2, masak lemak ketam, roasted duck (yums), roasted lamb (gosh), kari telur ikan yang sedap, ais krim, buah2, dodol etc. And few glasses of cordials – calamansi, grape, roselle. Banyaknya.

I remember 10 years ago, we would be invited by so many companies for buffet session during buka puasa, up to sometimes we had to let go some. But fast forward these few years, we realized that the financial situation wasn’t as before, therefore, so much policies being introduced, the invitation for such buka puasa session had become such a rare occassion.

I went for Maghrib at the surau, it’s not as crowded as I expected, syukur. And the telekung was clean too. Maybe I was there too early. 🙂

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