TN50-Meet #2

Just had a fruitful meet up this morning. Today we discuss more on our vision for the city, town and village of the future.

The meet up was held in KL. Before meeting we were tasked to share our vision according to some features and we were also given lots of references, notes and links for additional reading. Yes, involving with this group – Living and Well-being, I need to do a lot of reading because most of the things discussed aren’t the things I am familiar with. But, it’s a good exposure.

We also need to complete the task given, it’s like a worksheet, but more sophisticated, arh, it’s like the online survey we’ve used to do. Only it’s a subjective, and more writing needed. But of course, the notes and points that the Admin supplied to us really help.

I can’t remember what I’ve put down but today during the meeting, it’s such a pleasure to see that my vision was discussed (along with everyone’s point) but it was such a good feeling to see that our point and idea being considered. πŸ˜›

What do you think is the right city of the future, the kind of city of the future that we could have for Malaysia in 20-30 years ahead? Vision 2050 can happen earlier, if it’s up to me.

Here’s the things we could consider

  • type of neighbourhood living – integrated work + play + life?, seperated and concentrated between work and life? facilities? high-rise building? low rise?
  • what kind of city experience that we hope for – more green spaces? more walking alleys, safe and secured?, arts and culture centers within walking distance?
  • centrality? – imagine KL, important exciting things are mostly in KL, isn’t it? Should we have more KL? or should we distribute the roles so that cities are equal? People don’t have to travel far from KB to KL just for one particular thing? Will it work?
  • main means of transport – yeah, I really hope for a well connected rail network. Hopefully there’ll be more places up to rural area that are reachable via rail.

Anyway, we too have to consider one thing, that is the climate at our place. It’s warm (put it nicely) and though we have buildings close to one another, and though there are safe walking pathways, but the climate prevents us from walking, right? I know I have been saying things like, “oh I wish it’s not too hot, I could just walk to MOF, or Customs for meeting. It’s only few blocks!” But due to the temperature, I need to drive and then, there’s parking issue anyway!

Maybe we could re-engineer the climate?

Some of the issues discussed includes the sustainability, be it in transport and building. And the living area. These factors influence our well-being and life span!

One of the Doctors present wanted us to look at how we design the city to prevent health issues. Yup, that’s right, because, the Doctors and Nurses are now mostly working on damage control. Do you get what I mean?

And I conclude with this statement “city will be cantik, if the people living there is cantik”. We should have the sense of belonging of the place we live in! We could do so much more instead of hoping for helps from particular bodies.

Okay, enough ranting, I need to get home, find someone to mow the lawn, and get cleaner to clean the house.

Bye, happy weekend!

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