Semalam selepas having dinner with S, he had bowling game with the office, I pusing-pusing Alamanda, and stopped at an auto show di tengah-tengah tu, depan Coach.

I approached the sales agent, asked him about Suprima. I don’t know but I kind of like this model. Suprima seems sporty enough and I know it can perform.

So I spent quite some time with the sales agent, he invited me for a test drive (on weekend), and for the first time I got into the car (the promo car), got the feel and I started thinking of getting it.

But jiji is still good, and it still perform well, and reliable enough. I know that my brothers told me to get it fixed because of some noises she made during the drive but hey, she’s 10 this year and I was surprised that I could take care of a car like I do with jiji.

One thing that I forgot to ask was about the emission and fuel economy. I am hoping to find a car that can perform at at least 6.5l/100km. Now jiji’s at 8l/100km which is good enough.

Susah juga when you manage the thing with sustainable land transport, kan? Owh, poyo a bit but I really concern about the emission, at least setakat yang boleh. If you refer to National Automotive Policy 2014, at least 80% cars produced will be energy efficient vehicle (EEV) by 2020 (or was it 2030).

I think I will wait until 2020 (kalau umur panjang) before I get a new car. πŸ™‚

But I like Suprima! Ish ish!




Raya at office


So the office decided to have Raya celebration with the assembly as one of the agenda, last Friday. And I was not sure, up until now, why did they decide to put me at the same table with the YBM. Maybe because I was the Chairman for Wakil Pekerja (by vote okay, not volunteer). But haram, not even one word was exchanged between YBM and I. Better to stick to putting VVIP (all the KPs etc) with him next time. All the looks that I got was, “why the hell is she here?” but what did I care, I makan je and up to a point, I changed table because segan and photographer sibuk nak ambil gambar YBM jer.

After lunch break, my colleagues decided to throw me a surprise party (not so party) for my birthday. Ehmmm, I didn’t expect them to do that too but I was just grateful to work with them though sometimes they did make my blood go upstairs. HAHAH. Itu cabaran bekerja kot, I have to adapt and think positive.


Cliche; on LP

It was January 2001, when I had a boyfriend (cinta monyet), lepak di KLCC during a short break from my year in Matric, my boyfriend and I shared the earphone (sorang sebelah) listening to Linkin Park. Itu caranya dating I zaman dulu-dulu, bawak walkman tu kan biasa-biasa je zaman tu.

Then, I dapat hadiah masa farewell Matric, main tukar-tukar hadiah tu, ada seorang lelaki ni, di kad tu tulis macam ni;

It’s true
The way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you’re not with me
I’m with you

Sebab I suka LP so I tau la ni lirik lagu dia, but member lain dah start jiwang dah… Hmmm zaman muda.

And, poster LP je I gantung di bilik I sepanjang first semester, 2001 di UPM. Beli Galaxy sebab nak poster tu!

I tak follow sangat LP lately but selalu karaoke lagu LP. Rock katanya.

Anyway, farewell Chester Be, rest well, rest in peace.

(Though I love Mike Shinoda more)



I am now 35! (Officially on 16th July) Alhamdulillah.

Haha, had a great day on my birthday, thanks for KAishah who was here for the weekend.

Tak ada apa2 pun yang special on my birthday but I got to do some shopping spree! πŸ˜› I will update on what I’ve purchased for myself during this birthday month, tell you I spent a lot!

And I finished my PTPTN repayment today! I think that’s another achievement. πŸ™‚

All the best to us all!



Syawal Weekend Trip; Penang and Perak.


Had a chance for quite a free ride KUL-PEN-KUL Β on Kak Aisha’s car last weekend. Sure it was not to be missed! Coincidentally Buzzy had planned to go to Taiping so, there we were last Saturday.

Had light brunch at a cute cafe in Taiping, they serve lots of cakes! (La Promise, Taiping) and then had some light lunch at my sister’s foster parent’s house in Kamunting. After that we went to visit Buzzy’s friend at Kuala Sepetang.

Made some time for great boat ride/river cruise at Kuala Sepetang, for RM20 (or RM22, according to how you negotiate). I think I love Taiping, and I think I’ll be back to Kuala Sepetang, such a calm town. Macam Kuala Krai juga, tapi Kuala Krai takde laut (walaupun nama dia Kuala). πŸ˜› And then, we had dinner at the D’Port Ikan Bakar Seafood, a halal eatery just within walking distance from the Jetty. Oh, before that we lepak at the Happy 8 Cafe, next to the Jetty, please visit this cafe too if you were in Kuala Sepetang! Sangat comel!

Ahad, we stumbled upon the Georgetown Coffee Festival (we both coffee lovers!) at the First Avenue so we spent quite some time there. πŸ˜‰ Shopping a bit, and then we had durian with Kak Aisha at Ah Teik’s Stall near Jalan McAlister. Durian dia sangat sedap!!! πŸ™‚

Return to KL after that, reached home around 12 am (or was it 1 am) after another lepak session with the brothers at some mamak. πŸ™‚

It was a weekend well spent indeed!



Phone oh phone

Yesterday I dropped my phone onto a concrete slab (hah, drama), it was such a loud thud that I was so surprised the tempered glass didn’t crack a bit. Fast forward a few minutes after, I’ve found my phone wasn’t responding to any pressure or any touch. That’s when I knew something wrong happened.

I took the phone to the nearest Samsung service center only to be advised that I needed to change the screen because apparently, my phone suffered quite a fatal internal injury. (Drama, I know). But, to cut things short, I was almost RM1000 poorer by the end of last night.

I just think that it’s not my rezeki, the money, and I found it’s okay and I got my phone back within few hours.

It pains me that someone said that the amount wasn’t worth it, and I should get the phone fixed elsewhere that offers cheaper price. I just responded silently saying I’ll keep that in mind. (Don’t have the heart and will to debate or talk about the money that I’ve paid)

I realized something too, it was so unfamiliar feeling having no phone for few hours, I need to drive more carefully, I think harder, I was lucky to remember my two BFF’s phone numbers too.

I needed to be extra careful with my phone now, it costed me more now!





Cuti raya hari tu, I sempat masak 3 jenis rendang – ayam, daging dan kerang. On different days, Β maybe up to 4 times. I masak rendang ni time raya je, setahun dua kali kalau rajin, kalau tak sekali je, raya puasa.

So, raya kali ni, masa first time I tried, I referred to some recipes I’ve found online, but I adapted to my preference. I basically main masukkan je, tak ada sukatan yang tepat, kan pro hehe, main campak-campak je.

I saja nak save recipe ni kat sini in case I lupa.


  1. chicken, daging, or kerang
  2. serai
  3. bawang merah
  4. bawang besar
  5. bawang putih
  6. halia
  7. lengkuas
  8. kunyit
  9. cili kisar/cili boh (buat sendiri, blend cili kering yang dah direbus okay)
  10. kalau takde cili boh, boleh letak cili padi – tapi colour tak cantik sangat, tapi pedasss
  11. nisse (tak tau bahasa apa, tapi macam gula melaka tulah)
  12. santan
  13. kerisik (goreng dan tumbuk sendiri nyior baru best)
  14. garam
  15. daun kunyit (hiris halus-halus)
  16. minyak nak menumis

(bahan 2-7 kena kisar/blend sampai cantik)


  • tumis bahan-bahan blend bersama-sama dengan cili dan nisse tu sampai pecah minyak
  • masukkan bahan no 1 (ayam/daging/kerang), masak bagi sebati/lembut/empuk (especially daging tu)
  • masukkan santan dan kacau slow-slow
  • masukkan kerisik, kacau sokmo
  • dah dekat nak masak, masukkan daun kunyit, masak sampai dah rasa sedap, sambil-sambil rasakan dengan garam.

Siap dah… usually took up to more than one hour, bergantung pada kuantiti bahan no 1. πŸ™‚

Ini untuk panduan diri sendiri je okay. Yang mana dah pernah masak cara lain dan rasa dah sedap tu, teruskanlah masak ye. πŸ™‚