Phone oh phone

Yesterday I dropped my phone onto a concrete slab (hah, drama), it was such a loud thud that I was so surprised the tempered glass didn’t crack a bit. Fast forward a few minutes after, I’ve found my phone wasn’t responding to any pressure or any touch. That’s when I knew something wrong happened.

I took the phone to the nearest Samsung service center only to be advised that I needed to change the screen because apparently, my phone suffered quite a fatal internal injury. (Drama, I know). But, to cut things short, I was almost RM1000 poorer by the end of last night.

I just think that it’s not my rezeki, the money, and I found it’s okay and I got my phone back within few hours.

It pains me that someone said that the amount wasn’t worth it, and I should get the phone fixed elsewhere that offers cheaper price. I just responded silently saying I’ll keep that in mind. (Don’t have the heart and will to debate or talk about the money that I’ve paid)

I realized something too, it was so unfamiliar feeling having no phone for few hours, I need to drive more carefully, I think harder, I was lucky to remember my two BFF’s phone numbers too.

I needed to be extra careful with my phone now, it costed me more now!