Phone oh phone

Yesterday I dropped my phone onto a concrete slab (hah, drama), it was such a loud thud that I was so surprised the tempered glass didn’t crack a bit. Fast forward a few minutes after, I’ve found my phone wasn’t responding to any pressure or any touch. That’s when I knew something wrong happened.

I took the phone to the nearest Samsung service center only to be advised that I needed to change the screen because apparently, my phone suffered quite a fatal internal injury. (Drama, I know). But, to cut things short, I was almost RM1000 poorer by the end of last night.

I just think that it’s not my rezeki, the money, and I found it’s okay and I got my phone back within few hours.

It pains me that someone said that the amount wasn’t worth it, and I should get the phone fixed elsewhere that offers cheaper price. I just responded silently saying I’ll keep that in mind. (Don’t have the heart and will to debate or talk about the money that I’ve paid)

I realized something too, it was so unfamiliar feeling having no phone for few hours, I need to drive more carefully, I think harder, I was lucky to remember my two BFF’s phone numbers too.

I needed to be extra careful with my phone now, it costed me more now!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

3 thoughts on “Phone oh phone”

    1. yup, now kerja banyak datang even after office hours and emails are responded even faster than text messages. lepas restarted the phone, berlambak2 email tu only for less than 5 hours from 5-9 pm… adoih… siap ada orang tolong jawab emel on my behalf lagi!

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