Syawal Weekend Trip; Penang and Perak.


Had a chance for quite a free ride KUL-PEN-KUL  on Kak Aisha’s car last weekend. Sure it was not to be missed! Coincidentally Buzzy had planned to go to Taiping so, there we were last Saturday.

Had light brunch at a cute cafe in Taiping, they serve lots of cakes! (La Promise, Taiping) and then had some light lunch at my sister’s foster parent’s house in Kamunting. After that we went to visit Buzzy’s friend at Kuala Sepetang.

Made some time for great boat ride/river cruise at Kuala Sepetang, for RM20 (or RM22, according to how you negotiate). I think I love Taiping, and I think I’ll be back to Kuala Sepetang, such a calm town. Macam Kuala Krai juga, tapi Kuala Krai takde laut (walaupun nama dia Kuala). 😛 And then, we had dinner at the D’Port Ikan Bakar Seafood, a halal eatery just within walking distance from the Jetty. Oh, before that we lepak at the Happy 8 Cafe, next to the Jetty, please visit this cafe too if you were in Kuala Sepetang! Sangat comel!

Ahad, we stumbled upon the Georgetown Coffee Festival (we both coffee lovers!) at the First Avenue so we spent quite some time there. 😉 Shopping a bit, and then we had durian with Kak Aisha at Ah Teik’s Stall near Jalan McAlister. Durian dia sangat sedap!!! 🙂

Return to KL after that, reached home around 12 am (or was it 1 am) after another lepak session with the brothers at some mamak. 🙂

It was a weekend well spent indeed!



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