Raya at office


So the office decided to have Raya celebration with the assembly as one of the agenda, last Friday. And I was not sure, up until now, why did they decide to put me at the same table with the YBM. Maybe because I was the Chairman for Wakil Pekerja (by vote okay, not volunteer). But haram, not even one word was exchanged between YBM and I. Better to stick to putting VVIP (all the KPs etc) with him next time. All the looks that I got was, “why the hell is she here?” but what did I care, I makan je and up to a point, I changed table because segan and photographer sibuk nak ambil gambar YBM jer.

After lunch break, my colleagues decided to throw me a surprise party (not so party) for my birthday. Ehmmm, I didn’t expect them to do that too but I was just grateful to work with them though sometimes they did make my blood go upstairs. HAHAH. Itu cabaran bekerja kot, I have to adapt and think positive.



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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