Semalam selepas having dinner with S, he had bowling game with the office, I pusing-pusing Alamanda, and stopped at an auto show di tengah-tengah tu, depan Coach.

I approached the sales agent, asked him about Suprima. I don’t know but I kind of like this model. Suprima seems sporty enough and I know it can perform.

So I spent quite some time with the sales agent, he invited me for a test drive (on weekend), and for the first time I got into the car (the promo car), got the feel and I started thinking of getting it.

But jiji is still good, and it still perform well, and reliable enough. I know that my brothers told me to get it fixed because of some noises she made during the drive but hey, she’s 10 this year and I was surprised that I could take care of a car like I do with jiji.

One thing that I forgot to ask was about the emission and fuel economy. I am hoping to find a car that can perform at at least 6.5l/100km. Now jiji’s at 8l/100km which is good enough.

Susah juga when you manage the thing with sustainable land transport, kan? Owh, poyo a bit but I really concern about the emission, at least setakat yang boleh. If you refer to National Automotive Policy 2014, at least 80% cars produced will be energy efficient vehicle (EEV) by 2020 (or was it 2030).

I think I will wait until 2020 (kalau umur panjang) before I get a new car. πŸ™‚

But I like Suprima! Ish ish!



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