Bebel day

  • One of the officers guna projector tapi dia simpan kat pejabat dia, and he left for a meeting outside of the office this morning, I texted him personally because we needed the projector for our morning meeting but he didn’t reply or say anything, we needed to borrow from other division. He didn’t even apologize for this when he returned to the office just before lunch;
  • I was out for lunch, walking to the eatery when a group of 3 sisters sort of blocking our way, chit chatting… I was like damn, this is a walkaway, if you wanted to keep talking, find a place to sit and talk all you want! I just rushed by them and maybe… I bumped into one 44of them;
  • I was supposed to attend a meeting outside that I know of even before the invitation reached my boss, because the secretariat contacted me directly, knowing how my boss operates, I replied to the secretariat that better left boss to decide and I didn’t even know (didn’t even think) he would let me attend it…. true enough boss did instruct someone else to attend until the person declined then the boss asked me instead to attend the meeting… well the question was, boss was well aware I was the one who manage the thing for years, I wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t let me do it… why would he ask someone else who do nothing related to this? I started to think that boss just doesn’t want me to leave the office… ;
  • Now I am working from the discussion room, I have my officer with me in front of me to ensure she’s on right track hahaha! I’ve found out we work faster this way…

Alright, that would be all! πŸ™‚

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