Side responsibility at the office

How do I begin?

  • I was appointed as the Chairman of Wakil Pekerja (something like union) at my office. Based on popularity, I think? Staff voted online, even I nominated and voted for someone else, little did I know, there were people who nominated me, and voted for me. Still, I didn’t know if this is a blessing or a curse. People might vote out of love or hate, right?
  • We planned to organize an open day, sort of so my team (consist of 11 other staff) had our discussions, thought of some fun activities and even budget the program out. We had our meetings with the Secretariat as well as the Big Boss.
  • We had laid out some contests, nostalgia sort of offerings, it was supposed to be held on 22nd Aug 2017 (next week) but hmmmm, I guess we had to postpone it due to some unforeseen (of course) issues.
  • We didn’t get enough support from the management, which was kind of sad. Yes, it was one of the challenges in organizing side activities. I said “side” because it’s just a fulfilment activity for the staff, not some core jobs that is compulsory. It’s good to have but it’s also good not to have it. Something like that.
  • But this issue sort of demotivating my team and I. We had the same event last year and the colleagues love it. They got the chance to be active. We had sing contest, explorace (inside office building) as well as lucky draw. Last year, my team and I went around the office looking for financial support, I even mengadap YBTM to ask for some donations. Yes, we didn’t use the Ministry’s budget but we depended on the contributions from the bosses.
  • We will try to work things out with the help of boss yang supportive. Wish us luck, I still don’t know why I nak juga buat this.
  • This appointment will end this year, next year the staff will have to vote for a new committee. πŸ™‚

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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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