Phuket Day 1

It was 1030 am when I saw the lady at the reception. She asked me if I was still interested to go for island hopping, since I emailed her earlier asking about the arrangement for it. Apparently we weren’t that excited anymore because we planned to do it early in the morning but due to the delayed flight and room incident, three of us were too tired to think of new arrangement.  So the lady suggested that we go for Phuket City Tour. Yes, we did just that and set on a new arrangement.

The tour guide picked us up at the hotel at around 1240 pm. We had 2 more groups with us, and we went to few famous/tourist attraction spots. They took us to Karon View Point which I went with Nana few years back, the one I like the most is the Phromthep Cape. The view was too beautiful!! And I loved the long walks but moving in a group meant we had to abide by the time given. We could only spent 30 minutes there! Not enough for me… They also took us to see the Big Buddha! It’s too big and the route there was a bit dizzying for me! 😦

Oh, before Big Buddha, we also went to the Cashewnut Factory, the jewellery shops/factory – I think these are obligatory places for the tourists on tour as the places promoted local craft and products. We didn’t buy anything there. Heee.

I also like the Orchid Farm, the beautiful small garden which houses various types of orchids. Really love the place, so colourful and they also planted few types of herbal/house plants that are also available in Malaysia so we didn’t give much care, but the Germans that were with us were a bit excited to see cempedak… anyway, I think there are more than one orchid farm there but it’s a beautiful place anyway so I didn’t really mind.

We reached our chalet at a perfect time for the sunset.  One of the ladies at the diner just started their shift (they open at 6pm) greeted us and apologized for not being much help earlier. She later informed me that the clerk who was supposed to attend to us had to leave urgently because she suffered stomach ache. Poor her and us.

We had our dinner at the De’cafewhich was about 300 metres from our chalet and later had a one-hour foot massage in front of the chalet. 😉

Oh our chalet… our nice chalet is the Thai Kamala Village. 🙂

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