Phuket Day 2

We went for a walk along the beach nearby our chalet. After that, we had light breakfast and I guessed I went back to sleep. We had our brunch or early lunch at de’cafe’ again, I had rice with fried chicken, it’s so simple but it was good.  Around 1230 we checked out from Kamala Beach to move to Patong area. We took Grab Taxi. We planned to spend a night in Patong before going back the next day.

We arrived at Patong around 1330 and lounged at the lobby of the guesthouse until our room is ready. After checking in, we went to Jungceylon to look around for potential souvenirs, I bought few things at Boots. (Love Boots). After that we treated ourselves for nice coffee and pancake at The Coffee Club. Lazying around in the air-conditioning cafe before deciding to walk to Patong Beach. We walked along the Bangla Road and waited for the sunset while watching people doing the parasailing, etc. Patong was more beautiful years back, I think. Nevertheless it was still good to be there.

We went back to the guesthouse, bought kebab for our dinner. We spent the night at the room, watching the opening of the SEA Games haha I read the novel before sleeping.  This trip was a more leisure and relaxing than any other trip.


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