Brothers and sisters were here

Last weekend when I was in Phuket my brother (Fa) and his wife (Mi) (and my nephew (Adeeb) and niece Sofia)) were in KL, they stayed at my youngest sister’s (T) at Wangsa Maju. They arrived at my house on Monday morning and I made a trip to PD with them to drop off my brother for his course at RISTEC. My SIL and the kids stayed at my home.  It was a packed week. Anyway, it’s good to have people when you reached home after a long day at work. Plus my SIL cleaned up my place well. 🙂 She said when the kids were sleeping she got to do some cleaning and cooking too (love). She added that since my bedroom is an air-conditioning room, Adeeb slept well during the day.

My other sister, C arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the same day my brother Fa ended the course. I picked them up at Putrajaya Sentral.  We had dinner with the whole bunch at Dpulze, at Boat Noodle.  Lucky for us that Sofia and Adeeb behaved well throughout the evening.

On Thursday, after work I took them all to Alamanda for my bowling practice, we had dinner at the Pizza Hut and my other brother (Fi) joined. Fi is staying and working in Subang.  On Friday morning, my youngest brother (B) arrived from KB too.  Mi cooked us nasi lemak for dinner when T and her husband, Fi and the wife and kid joined us.  My house was full that night. We even went to the playground at 10 pm. I made jemput2 and Mi fried the keropok lekor afterwards. At around 11.30 pm T and Fi left.

Fa (and the family) left for Kelantan on Saturday morning while I took B and C to the IOI City Mall since I had my bowling game. They went to watch movie, we had lunch after the game is over and dropped off C at TBS for her bus back to Taiping. After that B and I ventured down to MyTown. I’ve never been to the mall, it’s big enough, after all it’s connected to the IKEA Cheras. We went to watch Bad Genius since we were there. MyTown is a neighbourhood mall. It’s like a big supermarket with basic shops inside.

On Sunday I went to do laundry and then had afternoon nap before deciding to take B out to KL. We went around Wangsamaju and had dinner with T and her husband, D. We had dinner at Melawati Mall, it’s another neighbourhood mall, just like MyTown.

So today B followed me to the office. Let’s see what we are up to next.

Till then, who read this actually?

Hahaha. Have a great week ahead guys!


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