Genting Highland, after 11 years.

This is my second time here, the first one was in 2006.

I was there because a friend booked in but couldn’t make it, she booked a room at the First World Hotel for two nights so I invited my brothers to stay with me. We went there on Monday, 28th. I parked my car at the Gombak Putra Terminal and bought a bus ticket from Genting to Gombak for the night, I can’t stay there because I have to work on the next day (29th).

We checked in at the hotel, it’s surprisingly crowded. We have to self check in, there are kiosk everywhere shouldn’t be a hustle but someone’s must have high patience too to q for the turn to check in.

The room was okay, it was only RM83 for two nights, no kidding. You guys should go there or just check it on I guess it’s because the theme park is temporarily closed for renovation. But there’s the mall, Sky Avenue that was just opened. So, it’s good to check it out too.

I went back to KL that night by bus. And bought another ticket to go there on Tuesday after work matter was done. It was RM3.40 one way. (No kidding too). I parked my car on my own risk for RM4/day. Which was nice enough. I parked my car there until Saturday because we went home (Kelantan) for Raya Haji with my brother’s car.

I reached Genting at 6pm, the bus stopped at the Genting Highland Premium Outlet!!! No less! Yippee… my brothers (Fi and B) and my SIL were there since lunch so we continued shopping until 9pm haha. I bought things too. Basically I was looking for RM19 shirt. So me. There were Coach, MK, Oroton… etc the likes my favourite would be Padini and Levi’s lah!

We took the Cable Car back to the hotel, cost us RM8 perpax but so fun! 🙂

So there, my breakaway at Genting. HAHA.

I guess if we want to go to GPO better to park the cars at the terminal and take the bus… no need to navigate the challenging road… 😛

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