Bebel lagi, macam biasa

Case 1

  • The argument that we had with some people we called friends could somehow led to an awkward situation, I think. Last two weeks one of my friends suddenly blurted out about PM’s visit to US. Apparently she was mad about what she read online; something sceptical on the deals/agreement PM closed with the POTUS. I said to her, don’t just believe what other’s people thought – because all she read was perception/thoughts/points of views from other people. I could understand if she wanted to be mad by looking at the official press statement/notes from the PMO but no, she read the article/summary/studies/perception of others. Plus mostly from the opposition.
  • While I was trying to look from her point of views, I couldn’t do much because I found the article were mostly one-dimensional. When Β I tried to invite her to look at the trusted statement e.g from the PMO itself, she refused and changed topic. IDK what to do with this kind of people.
  • And today we planned a day out with the other friends, I was like hmmm(?) I don’t really wanna be around her. HAHA is that not nice?

Case 2

  • End of August, before Β I went to Tokyo I had one of my assistant prepared me a draft on an assignment in October. It’s sort of an approval memo that had to go through few layers until we were allowed to do what we wanted to do. To cut the story short, until today the memo is stuck at the third level. We have another two layers to go before everything could be finalised. Something like that.
  • Another assistant (A2) was aware about this and told me that the date is near she’s afraid we couldn’t make it. That I need to rush the third layer boss to approve it. So I was like, I gave that thing a month ago but the unit took it for granted, and now we are all busy, apparently last two week the assistant no. 1 wasn’t in the office, last week it was me out of the office and this week, the assistant no.1 (A1) isn’t around (again). Looks like it was me who will be the one who gets it done anyway.
  • There were few times that I needed to remind myself and my unit (people who report to me) that “we are not the only ones who are busy, we need to work with other (who might be busier than us!) and we have to do within our power/means at our level best”.

Monday (not-so) musing.

All the best everyone! πŸ™‚

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