The old book store in a rue

It was Ramadan when I had the chance to visit Paris years ago. I was on transit from a workshop in St Petersburg. It was quite hard convincing the sponsor on why do I have to stop to Paris but I let them know it was the cheapest route, so they obliged. Lucky me. Anyway, it was the cheapest route with two stops. And yes, I had to convince them too on why do I need to stop for two days? Haha, I assured them that the accommodation in Paris was on me so yes, they allowed it, thank God. I had to do a lot of convincing in my years of service. Anyway, it’s in a diplomatic way of course. (I stayed at my friend’s, Kak Ummul – in case you read this, thank you so much! πŸ™‚ )

I had to get to Kak Ummul’s house on my own, considering she had just given birth at that time, she advised me to buy the train ticket etc… from CDG airport and gave me instruction on how to get to her house in Rue Drouot (I guess) hahaha. Lucky me I made it safe to her home. I remember that while waiting for her to pick me up at the nearest train station, I made a quick stop at the Hard Rock heee…

Okay… now the bookshop. I guess it was the most memorable place for me. I made a stop there after walking alone to the park where the Eiffel Tower was, and it’s nearby to Kak Ummul’s house. I just wanted to kill time since I was too tired to walk farther (I was fasting) then I saw this bookshop.

It was an old, almost antique bookshop. I went to the second floor and felt like I was in some movie, like Narnia or something – I was imagining. HAHA. But the feeling was surreal, there were a lot of books, old books, mostly story books for kids with gorgeous illustration. I still remember the attic feeling, the cozy lighting, the feeling was just peace. I just stand there, touching and scanning the books, too bad they were all in french, so I couldn’t read them.

The rue itself was cute, and almost like a theme park. I don’t know, I don’t think I was in a mall or something.

Hmmm… πŸ™‚

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