1. On Monday, my previous division invited me for a proper farewell do at the Al Dente, too bad that the pasta that I’ve ordered wasn’t al dente. So irony sometimes. (I had chicken pesto fettuccine). Anyway, ex-bosses were there, and obviously they wished me luck, and I too wished everyone luck and all the best.
  2. My ex-staffs shouted out that I look happier than I was in the previous workplace, must be the new spirit or enthusiasm, but they also didn’t leave the part where they truly thought I look chubbier now, well. I gained 3-4 kg since, really!
  3. On Friday, I received quite a shocking news that one of my social media friends, Hana passed away during her trip in Madagascar. We couldn’t get much detail about what had happened but I thought this news hit me bad. I wasn’t that close to her before, it’s just this year that we started following each other on Twitter, and Goodreads.  We are friends on ig and FB too, and she did live life to the fullest. She shared so many useful things on any media platform. I remembered during the early days of blogging around 10 years ago, someone taged/linked her as “sumber inspirasi” and yes, she was. Al Fatihah untuk Hana.
  4. I remember Hana somewhat said thing like this to me “cheer up lah! aku rasa kau antara yang paling rajin kerja” when I post an entry on how I was disappointed with my work at that moment. She might not know that her words made me realized that I wasn’t that bad! (eheh)

4 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Ya Allah.
    Semoga ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman.
    Yup. Dia pun sumber inspirasi saya untuk menulis.


  2. semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan solihin. (Actually baru tau, rasa sedih walaupuan hanya seorang follower beliau)

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