I used to do silly things for the something resembles love. I guess it’s not love, I don’t know, maybe I was really in love, at that time? Or not. Well.

I was scrolling the explore tab of the instagram when I came upon an account of a chicken rice shop restaurant in Ampang, and my mind was like, rewind to 12 years ago. When I was so in love (I thought) with this someone I knew since my uniyears.

I paid for his dinner and his petrol, for him to come to see me.

The investment didn’t pay off. He went to marry someone else. I hope he’s happy now. It’s been 10 years dah since he’s married. Jodoh dia.

I don’t really have any problem of being single except the part when other people kind of having issues with me being single, like they keep on matchmaking me with some people. SMH.

I don’t really need this.


2 thoughts on “Pernah

  1. Kak nana pun pernah buat benda bodoh camtu.
    Hik hik.

    Sekarang baru nampak semua kebodohan. Haha.

    Yes. We don’t need that.

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