Okaylah. Apa dah dibuat sepanjang 2017 ni? Memandangkan hari ni last day kerja, I nak share sikit or nak recap significant things that I’ve been blessed with this year. 🙂 I am trying to put them on chronologically by months.


  1. I kena demam teruk for few days in the first week of Jan;
  2. My father went for Umrah;
  3. I went to Singapore with Buzzy – for a weekend treat (next year nak gi mana u?)
  4. Spent 4 days in Penang because one of my sisters had to undergo an operation there;
  5. I went to Semarang, Indonesia for a meeting (best).

February – such a quite month

  1. I restarted my running hobby or mostly walking fast hehehe;
  2. Had great cooperation meeting with Japan for the ASEAN-Japan Expert Group Meeting on Logistics.


  1. LIMA’17 – was one of the secretariat;
  2. Watched Judika live by accident – at IOI City Mall;
  3. Won a bowling game at 2nd place hahaha;
  4. I went to KL Birdpark alone just because I want tooo;
  5. Makcik I bersalin, dapat sepupu baru (makcik I tua dua tahun dari I);
  6. Went to Bangkok for a meeting and two workshops that I missed my Luang Prabang trip.


  1. Jiji first ada problem yang menyebabkan I terlepak di bengkel kereta hampir 8 jam Huhh;
  2. First time I masuk lari-lari yang ramai orang tu. 5 km jer tapi menyampahnya sebab malas nak tunggu berhimpun la apa la pepagi buta tu… tapi member ajak kan.. join jelah;
  3. Crossed 4 states in a day by car (jiji) sebab my brother sakit so my father asked me to get him to my home so I can watch him – alhamdulillah took him to every activity – including my badminton game hahaha and bowling too;
  4. Involved in the development of the Transport Policy – was placed in a special room for two days for logistics sector haha – kind of special;
  5. Went to shop at Leeyanarahman for the first time, okay je…;
  6. Had to undergo medical check up and found out that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was, the doctor ticked me at – dia tidak begitu sihat tapi dibenarkan mengikuti kursus – something like that;
  7. Went to Homestay vacation – joining my uncle and his family – was a good one 😉 – had my first taste of nasi buloh – sedap and berbaloi-baloi


  1. Went for e-leap – assessment program for work – had great time dengan kawan-kawan sama batch;
  2. Had a bowling game – won silver for foursome (4 Penjuru – PTD, PDRM, ATM and Bomba);
  3. Organizing technical visit to Pos Aviation KLIA for the LTSSWG;
  4. Masih gigih berlari-lari;
  5. Hosted my Indonesian friend, took him around for makan2 – nasi daun pisang, and pasar malam Putrajaya;
  6. Was appointed as one of the TN50 – belia something I forget the group but was a member for the Living and Wellbeing (one of the thrusts);
  7. Jumpa my ex-boss Mr Suret yang baik sangat tak sengaja jumpa and he still remembers me!;
  8. Tried the Dolly Dim Sum for the first time – it was so yummyyyyyyyyyyy;
  9. Puasa and my running routines went to the drain hahah.


  1. Buka puasa atas Padang kat Perbadanan Putrajaya – first time!;
  2. Ajak budak2 Gen2 Crew buka kat umah I;
  3. Datuk Ru’s treat for her bersara – buka di Sama-Sama Hotel;
  4. RAYA…


  1. My brithday! I am 35!;
  2. Went to Manila after 7 years! I love travelling and getting to know new people and made new friends!;
  3. Went to Penang and Kuala Sepetang hahah best tempat ni, love!;
  4. Perasmian MRT!;
  5. Farewell for Datuk Ru;


  1. Road trip to Taiping and went for boat ride at Kuala Sepetang;
  2. Masih cuba berlari;
  3. Went for the last session for TN50 – sad but proud sometimes, it was a mixed feeling;
  4. Went to Phuket with Soleh and Jujue :);
  5. Went to Genting after hmmm almost 10 years!


  1. Went to Tokyo;
  2. Organized the MBJ Day – last one for me at MOT – it’s a success!;


  1. FIATA 2017 – it was a WOW!;
  2. Last LTSSWG for me in Siem Reap – sad;
  3. Got transferred to KKLW.


  1. Busy;
  2. Went for first outstation in KKLW to Machang hahaha;
  3. Went to PD and Bagan Lalang – my new work scope involve rural entrepreneurs;


  1. Went to Malacca;
  2. Missed my flight to TGG;
  3. Received new anak saudara – a girl – Lily
  4. Busy again – first time bertugas at PAU…

I am seeing the 2018 to be a busier year but hey, that’s the way I like it! 🙂

All the best you guys~


2 thoughts on “Recappppp

  1. Hahahaha.. chah buat ida fikir-fikir balik apokobondo buat tahun ni, I am not so good at remembering lah!

    Btw, leeyanarahman tu apa?

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