It’s quite challenging, to be changing to a new workplace at such a senior grade.Β  I am referring to my case. I am in my third month here, not that new anyway.

I don’t wanna let people know that I am new at the place, if I am representing the new division to a meeting. I will let them know I am new if they ask or before the meeting starts, during the ice-breaking but not giving way during a meeting, as a way of escapism.

For example, in a case I have to tell them I am a newbie when someone approached me and said “haven’t seen you before, are u the new officer?” or… “I was informed that you are the new officer…” so yes, I have to introduce myself as much as they need to know.

I won’t say that I am new when, for example I was being lectured by a chairman last month about a last project that I didn’t get access too but as I was representing the new division and the chair is someone from the top management (who doesn’t have a clue about new officers or old officers) I can’t reply to him saying “I don’t know, I am new” of course, that is a big no-no. You are digging your own grave, something like that.

I have to learn fast, get to know people – key people from other divisions and I am not sure whether or not I should feel lucky when boss asked me to represent this division to the administrative meetings, and to lead few small committees for few events, but I got to know more people as I attend those numerous meetings. Being friendly is a help, but I was given a new chance on how to introduce myself, I can design a new way or new me or new anything for people to get to know me at the new workplace.

I did meet some colleagues from the old workplace whom also work here but Alhamdulillah I think they like me enough. πŸ™‚ That doesn’t mean that I wanted people to like me, but it’s good though, if we like some people, of course we wanted to be treated the same way, right?

But expectations – hmmm I have this one senior officers who I knew long time ago but I don’t remember being close with but to my surprises he said good things about me to my boss. I am not sure how to react though, but my friends suggested that he might ask some friends about me before I even reported myself to the new workplace. So now, I guess my boss has some certain expectations for me, I mean this in a good way, that I have to proof that I can do this. InsyaAllah.

So, here’s to another great year, wish you guys all the best.


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