Meeting friends

Case I

Planning like… a week before and at least five said yes. When the day arrives, turn out, if lucky we could see 4 of us.

Note : Just remember that everyone has their own commitment, just be respectful for each other’s time and commitment.

Case II

A : Let’s meet, I am around your area.
B : It’s last minute and I have work to do. Ah, never mind la, as you are already on your way, let’s meet for coffee.

And later from coffee moves to movie.

Note : Things are sometimes better unplanned.

Case III

A : It’s too last minute, next time let me know a week before.
B : Orait, note on that!

Fast forward… to the next time… conversation with the same person.

B : Are you free on Thursday next week? (Today is Thursday, this week)
A : Hmmm, I couldn’t confirm now, it’s too early!
B : WTH, you told me to arrange a week earlier before.

Note : At this time, we should know where do we stand in their list.

Case IV

A : Let’s meet after Maghrib.
B : What time?
A : Meet me at surau at 7.25pm
B : Ok.

Note : Better to give exact time.

Case V

A : I wanna eat there.
B : But I wanna eat here.
Me : In 2 hours, the food will just be in the dark dark…

Note : Tolerate each other.

4 thoughts on “Meeting friends

  1. I like to plan ahead. But since i can just go alone if the plan is cancelled, so actually I don’t mind anything. Haha.

    If the adhoc one, I don’t think i can entertain it. Especially on weekdays. Huhu

    1. tulah setiap orang adalah berbeza… bertuah if we could adapt to any situation positively. ada orang if plan is canceled dia jadi moody sampai berminggu2..

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