I hate to but I have to

I don’t really like to nag, but most of the time I can’t help myself. I try to nag only when it’s really necessary. I know people hate being nagged to (me too) but at some points nagging really move things.

What about you guys? Sometimes we are tired too, of asking the same people the same thing.

I know some of my friends are (might be) tired of me nagging around in the WA group; for making me wait, for underestimating themselves, but hey, thanks for being around!

One of my friends said to me “I can imagine you as a boss…” Lady boss maybe whatever but hmmm.

Sometimes we just behave accordingly. I think we should behave accordingly to the situation we are in, and being considerate is a must too. Entahlah, sometimes it’s not fair bila kita rasa kita je yang being considerate, tapi masalahnya, kita je rasa kita considerate, padahal the other party was like, menyampah dah dengan kita.

The possibilities are endless, just be yourself, your good self, and imagine how you wanna be treated, then, treat other people accordingly, ok?


One thought on “I hate to but I have to

  1. Niza Februari 24, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    I just realised that I like to nag too. I thought I wouldn’t but I just tak boleh tahan. And yes. It does move people. 😂

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