I was feeling like there’s a lot of crazy people around me. I had some people who understand me and just accept me as much as I accepted them but there’s also some people who I didn’t get.

Yesterday while I was driving out to get something (exactly, 3 things) just because I was sick of dealing with people, I think yesterday was a day when I felt like, this is it. Note that, this is it means I have been kind for so long. At least I think I was being reasonable.

During the drive, as I contemplated everything that happened and justified my own acts, I almost could hear my mum’s voice telling me “itulah… keras hati, takleh tunggu, tak sabar etc” and I could also (as always) prepare my justification of everything… You might not know that I used to tease my mum a lot and I thought she realized that she’s given birth to a smart girl, she had to deal with the girl, unfortunately haha (Yes, I miss my mum).

Anyway, I think it’s not a bad thing to not understand every people, and I think I don’t have to provide explanation for my action to everyone too. I understand that sometimes I just want to tell someone everything and at the same time, I might don’t wanna share anything. I realize that I might be complicated but I always ensure that I’m being reasonable.

But that was me, on myself.

I hope I don’t trouble people as much as people troubles me. HAH.



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