I don’t like it

I don’t know how to say it, but I think I don’t really like my new position. I am not sure why. Oh, wait, of course I know, I just can’t put it down here.

Basically, I find it hard to work with people who doesn’t share my value and our understanding towards the same jobs are different. It’s hard, I guess that is the hardest part of having to work with teammates with different values and ethics. Should I say ethics? It seems like such a heavy word.

I believe that I understand my work, who will be benefited from my work, and how I am supposed to work with others to ensure the objectives are met. Unfortunately they are easier said (written) than done. I forget to take into consideration of the challenges that I might be facing in doing the work.

  • People – the first factor – the real beneficiaries, the ones who make things work and succeed, sometimes I become a challenge for myself too. Oh, have I shared with you that I don’t even have an assistant except for a clerk in my unit? It’s a real challenge!
  • Time – really a few people who really manages their time well. Who are you kidding?
  • Value – I believe I know what are my primary tasks and what are the supporting ones – not, not everyone share this view with me.


On other note;

  • I always try to look at the kind things people have done, no matter how much they despised me;
  • My enrich is now back to blue due to the lack numbers of travelling this year.

Have a good April everyone.

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