The new division

Takdelah new sangat pun, I masuk sini since my first week in KPLB (was KKLW). I started here on 30th Oct 2017, almost 6 months now.  I don’t have much to say, I guess the expectation is understandable, I have the long list of tasks and  I understand there are also additional clerical work I have to monitor, holding one of the senior posts here.

The environment is manageable, although there are times that I couldn’t get to understand and have big whys on a few instructions, behaviour and manners but, anyway… I think it’s still manageable and I am hoping that by time, I would be able to mitigate things better here.

Anyway, today boss was such in a good mood, and had advised me in such a good way (compared to usual blast hehe) regarding my works.

Some of the staffs had been asking me a lot of things about my view on boss, since there’s a bit of heated statements from boss in the office group whatsapps, boss was mad at me on some miscommunication mishaps.  I was shocked too by the incident but anyway, I tried my best to reflect things, and looked at the things from my boss’s view – I could understand that there’s something about boss’s ego – her pride and her trust in us – and somehow I got to understand why she had behave in such a way so, there, I just apologized and wishing that I would act better if I were in her situation. Anyway, all is good now, and that incident taught me to take more attention in my work and I have to be more prepared.  Miscommunication is something that we can avoid, actually, kan?

I saw the Last Word, a movie with Shirley Mclaine and Amanda Seyfried in it. The most positive thing I could learn from the movie is, sometime the shouting, or harsh words came from people that trust us, believe in our potential and expect more from us, because sometimes we couldn’t even see our own potential.

Perhaps, next time when boss is mad at me (or at you) – take it that it’s a disappointment of seeing that we didn’t live up to their potential, that we didn’t even see our own potential.

Anyway, that’s just my thought for time being, maybe it will change. But here, our pre-raya shoot. Can’t believe it’s 10 more days (or less) to raya.

raya bpud


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