Raya 2018

Assalamualaikum, it’s 8th day of Raya already. I am now back in the office. Not much of progress anyway because most people are not yet back in the office.

I am still recovering or mostly, retrieving where did I stop before I went back to my hometown haha.

It was sure hard to bounce back after almost 10 days of being away from work. HEHE.

How was raya? Mine was just a slow day, I slept for about 2 hours maybe… it’s so hot in the afternoon, I changed my baju raya for a t-shirt. I went to visit mum’s grave after solah and then up for some photos with family before heading to my grandma’s. That was first day of raya.

Second day I went to my friend’s house… and then at night when to my aunt’s for some tahlil do…

Cooked some meal on 3rd raya… our house was flooded with guests, non-stop! Until maghrib.

4th raya, I went around to visit my schoolmates in Tanah Merah and Kota Bharu… and then, 5th raya I spent at the market and just be at home for the rest of the day…

6th raya I drove back to KL and spent the evening watching Ocean’s 8. That’s all… Sounds a bit bored?


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