Adik oh adik

Adik bongsu I nampaknya tak boleh terima budaya di kolej dia tempat dia register Sabtu lepas and it’s now only 2 days but he’s been texting my father and my sister to share his unhappiness. I know that I’ve sort of pushed him to register himself in the college but then I was thinking of his own good.

Now we are all persuading him to stay for two more weeks and see how things go. I know that the first week could be like hell, with the orientation and having to wake up earliest in the morning. Ah, I am bit worried too.

Come to think of it, why is it so hard for these two youngest brothers of mine to stay at the first college they got? My 7th brother also ran away (sort of) from his college and asked my father to send him somewhere else and now with this number 8, I am foreseeing almost similar incident. Oh, please I loathe the private college.

Please pray for my brother’s happiness, anyone reading this? Hope he would find joy and happiness in this new place.

p.s : Why do we (some colleges) feel the need to put the new students in such a unhappy situation during the first week of being out of district, far from family for the first time (on some cases)?



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