Pergi Thailand hari tu…

I was in Thailand for about 2 weeks from end of April until early May 2018. I was there for a course on Sustainable EcoTOURISM.Β  Intentionally putting the Tourism in caps so that you might understand where I am going from there. Yes, the course took me around Thailand. From Bangkok to Chonburi, to Rayong, Pattaya, Chanthaburi. We went to two islands. The Ko Chang and Samaesan Island. We also went for hundreds of kilometers of road trips too.

Will continue later, haha.

(I am in Lawas, Sarawak now for a two days workshop for the rural enterprenuers) This is could also be identified as a retreat for me, the surrounding is, hmmm peaceful.


Except the Taxi Uncle told me a man was attacked by a crocodile few days ago…. and he’s dead.

There’s a river in front of the hotel.


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