My late sister.

When my sister decided that she would go for her treatment and everything related to her disease in the place of her work(Northern Malaysia) instead of our hometown, I did wonder why. She asked me to keep it between us. Later she asked me to inform my father and my aunt (my uncle’s wife). Just among 3 of us.

It was such a heavy matter. I didn’t think I could keep it to myself, about her illness. I remembered the day she visited me in Penang when I had a meeting there and she told me about the possibilities of her having cancer. It was a heartbreaking news. I read somewhere that we should be positive so that was what I did.  I remembered I told only a person about this. It was in 2016.

I decided to tell my other siblings about this. I told them “Cikcik sakit” and I also told them it’s supposed to be a secret and no one should ask her anything about that. Of course my other siblings didn’t like this and they also did wonder why my sister didn’t want them to know. I didn’t know what was in my sister’s mind but I just respected her decision.

When she was about to go for operation in the early 2017, I had to tell some other family members. At some point my siblings were located all over Malaysia. I had 8 of them. So this thing did bring us closer. Later the siblings seemed to understand about Cik’s condition and didn’t urge her to be home anymore. We visited her more instead.

As I paid more visits to the place, I came to understand why she loved the place. It wasn’t as much different as our hometown but I guess it had a charm upon my sis.

I couldn’t help to notice that her foster family (her bff’s family) did love her like their own child. The uncle had set up a porch to include cik’s car’s parking lot in front of their house.

When I spent a day with them in Kamunting I saw their sacrifice to take care of Cik and I silently admitted to myself that I don’t think I could do as much as they did.

Al Fatihah my dear sister. May Allah bless Nora’s (her bff) family and yours and mine too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My late sister.

  1. I may not be as strong as you…. If this sort of situation should it occur to me…. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan chah…

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