Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

I watched this movie few weeks ago, it was fun. What is more fun was – there were only 3 people in the hall for the entire movie. It was such a shame but it could be understood that this kind of movie is not for everyone. I mean eventhough it’s for everyone, not everyone is willing to fork out some money for this kind of movie, maybe.

I like the story, what more the songs. I guess I am sucker for such a movie with songs. HAHA. But anyways, there are few reviews that questioned the singing and the dancing in the movie, I was like hello? did you ever watch hindi movie??? *rolled eyes*

I like the songs – Fernando by Cher and Andy Garcia! Such a legendary performance even just for a mere 5 minutes (or maybe less), The Name of the Game by Lily James and …. Andante Andante (Lily James), One of Us (Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper) and Why Did It Have To Be Me? – by Lily James and Hugh Skinner. Fun songs!

And, anyway, of course Dancing Queen. I don’t care even some of the reviews were questioning about the repeating of the songs from the first movie – they are performed differently anyway.

The actors are all good!! Pierce Brosnan, Cher(!!!), Andy Garcia(!!!!!!), Colin Firth!!!!, Christine Baranski!!! (The Good Fight!). Not to forget Amanda Seyfried and Lily James too! Meryl Streep did steal the show within the minimum time given to her, well what do you expect… đŸ™‚

the casts



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