The cousin’s wedding

The independence day weekend was spent with my family as my cousin chose the date to be her anniversary date. I drove my sister and BIL to Keratong 6, nearby Muadzam, choosing the Nilai-Senawang-Kuala Pilah-Bahau-Jempol-Muadzam route. It was a familiar route with a lot of choices (on which exits to go) but I lost count of driving through it. It’s the first time for my Mimi (I had a new second hand car for me, which I called Mimi)  but anyway, I’ve had always love this route.

It’s a beautiful drive, we arrived in 3 and half hours.  Reunited with my other siblings, in laws, cousins and niece and nephew as well as friends. The most interesting part of this cousin is we share the same grandparents as the mother (my aunt) is my father’s sister and the father of the bride (my uncle) is my late mother’s brother. I wrote on instagram (@shahzere) that it did feel like raya because there were a lot of relatives there, some of them were last seen before my mum passed away or when I was just a kid.

My cousin’s wedding was more of a neighbourhood affair as my uncle and aunt are staying in a Felda where the people live as one big family. The women helped with the cooking and the men assisted in managing other resources and cleaning works. I didn’t do much except for preparing goodies and taking photos of families to be shared on WA groups for family members who couldn’t be there.

Anyway, congratulations to my cousin and her husband, as well as to my aunt and uncle.

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