Trying to eat good food

By good I mean, the taste is good and good for health at least, I think for me. I am sick of having a meal without vegetables for about some time already now, I decided to plan meal with lots of vegetables. I did my shopping at Lulu, at Jakel Mall, KL.

Here’s what costed me about RM100.

  • Frozen salmon – 4 blocks for RM30 something – enough for 8 meals
  • Salad – RM 5 – enough for more than 5 meals
  • Pickled olive – RM2.50 (100g)
  • Dried fruits – 100 g each of raisins (black and yellow) and cherries for overnight oat – RM20
  • Tortilla wrap – RM8 (enough for a week)
  • Cheese – Arla (Herb) – RM8
  • Chicken – RM5 – can last up to 5 meals
  • Yoghurt – RM5 – enough for a week or 10 days
  • Etc -etc… up to RM20++

So here’s what I’ve been preparing for myself with minimum cooking involved, since Saturday.


20180917_203759.jpgI did some running/walking too just to get more healthy… and perhaps lose some kgs… My current weight is 61.8kg (on Sunday) haha. And I don’t really like to be in between sizes, like right now. Some blouses in between S and M or M and L, some pants are between M and L…

Putrajaya, precisely along Precint 2 up to Precint 3 is beautiful at night! If you have spare time, please do some walking around, there are a lot of fellow walkers/runners so it’s practically safe to walk/jog at night.

Plus, the lighting is somewhat… excessive for a night πŸ™‚

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