Whatever happen…

Woah, it’s already December!!!

Apa dah terjadi in November? I was so busy, that’s for real! I was involved in two big events – one was our own project, INOTEK and the other one was MAHA.

I was in charged of MAHA, coordinating the involvement of the rural entrepreneurs- we had around 90 of them, and man, they are works!!! I also needed to deal with the organizers – MOA, MAEPS, as well as our appointed contractors! All I can say is – I am glad that it’s over now – though, I miss the rush.

(Was always the same case with LIMA – hahaha)

Anyway, there’s a bit of change in the office…. I am still unsure of my portfolio for next year anyway, as you guys understand me, I am up for anything. No matter how much I make noise, I still go and do my work.

HAHA. Bye for now! Photos are on ig. 🙂

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