Nothing in particular 3.0

I am positive I have used this title before. Hopefully the 3.0 is the right series. It might be overused anyway.
Hmm. Note, to find a title to put any musings under it. 

Well, today I had successfully attended four meetings at the office. The first meeting was on HR started at 9.00 am, then on the ICT at 11.30 am, (thank God there’s breakfast and lunch provided for the meeting members) and at 2pm we had our division’s meeting and at 2.45 pm I rushed to attend a meeting on information/data.

I am actually quite sleepy right now, it’s 6.06 pm and it’s raining, making it harder to leave the office, such a lazy bum, I don’t want to drive during rain… if I can I would avoid driving when it’s raining.

The boss decided to throw a party for the colleagues who were born in the month of January to April and though I was out of the office most of the time, I had my share of cake anyway. (It’s trivia, I know).

Well, my favourite tv show right now could be the Property Brothers HAHA. Damn, one day I came home and found that I had the access to the HGTV channel. Not sure how did this happened. Maybe the service provider had changed their plan.

I need more encouragement to do laundry. I have tons of unwashed clothes… I need strength to do this.

Well that one day boss asked me about a colleague that seemed not so into the job,  I said “I think he/she is doing ok, there are things that we need to work with, a lot of things and factors that we couldn’t change, the parties we had to work with, the people that we met… but it’s our responsibilities we will have to like it and do it anyway…”

Entahlah labu, sometimes people asked me a question, but I can tell that they don’t really want to know the answer.

People are something, kan.

Till then, bye.

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