I is confuse

  • The top management had their weekly meeting, sometimes when the boss isn’t around, I got the chances to be there as well. So last week, there’s a meeting that the boss attended herself.  This week she kept on asking me about a thing that was discussed in the last week’s meeting. I was so confuse. It’s supposed to be her to give me notes/instructions on the issue but apparently she’s asking me as though I know the decision or the agreement from that particular meeting;
  • I understand that the boss’s works/tasks are endless, but I somehow believe in good management and empowerment of the resources too. I am a firm believer that I should trust my colleagues, my staffs and assistants with their capabilities that they can do anything that is within their purview, or extra if they are given trust. I’m saying this because, I was confuse on some decisions made by the boss, that involved my on going projects;
  • I am in the midst of finalizing the course/assignment/evaluation study about my core unit and the final presentation is scheduled next week somewhere out station – apparently the boss assigned someone else to present that. I mean, I am confuse because we’ve been moving here and there, meeting the target groups, presenting the progress to various panels so far… and in the end, she gave the task to someone else – who she knew very well is busy with other bigger event coming up in Oct;
  • Do you understand my confusion?

p.s : Currently reading the Leadership Wisdom by Robin Sharma.

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