Some updates

  1. The engagement was postponed, and now the CMCO is extended to 6th Dec, we planned to have the ceremony on 12th Dec, but hmmm, I’m actually afraid to plan (also tired)
  2. We went to a tailor, last Sunday to have our custom made baju. Entahlah, it was a spur of the moment action after we had breakfast last Sunday, seems like there’s nothing else to do, we were driving around while trying to Google some reasonable tailor and made some calls to check if the baju can be made within a month… patutnya baju tu untuk hantaran tunang, so since tak jadi, gi jelah hantar tailor dulu…
  3. Sakit I dah getting better, except on some areas but overall, better la dari a month ago. I dah kena top up ubat sebab tak cukup, elok2 sebulan je some ubat habis, supposed the supply would last me two months.
  4. Random : Fazura dah bersalin, nama anak dia Fatima.
  5. Anak buah I yang baru pulak, namanya Muhammad Firas Affan….
  6. What a year, kan?
Hopefully it would turn out okay. The most expensive one so far, I must say.

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