My bridesmaids

It’s summer now somewhere and on Buzzfeed there are several articles on wedding, seems like it’s now the best season to get married over there.

So, my bridesmaids were actually all my PTDs friends, since they are living nearby and they proposed to me to organize a bachelorette party. Which was held at my house. They planned everything, a day before my engagement ceremony, I think. I was at this self service laundry station when Oren came to get my house keys and told me they’re gonna do some decorations. I was like, okay, I’ll be home in less than 2 hours. Paris texted me saying that they will be wearing whites so I should pick other colors.

It was a simple but meaningful day with my closest girlfriends. I can’t be thankful enough, I wish them happiness always.

Fast forward on my wedding days which is on Monday, Fish couldn’t make it since she’s needed at the office but she put on same coloured dress though, the effort. For the wedding, I let them chose their own dresses in any colour as long they are different from amer’s and mine dresses as well as our family – mine is in red, while amer’s in green. So they opted for purple. Which was nice. πŸ™‚

Alhamdulillah, my wedding though a simple one, involved only allowed solemnization and a small party, was a great and intimate ones with the family and closest friends.

Cakes and all, I can’t be thankful enough
After the engagement ceremony, with Oren and Paris
My brothers in services, Taz who helped me with hantarans (he did the decoration) and Jimi who accompanied me searching for the venue haha

That’s all!

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