Alhamdulillah I got vaccinated for the first dose of AZ at 5pm yesterday. Since husband’s turn is today, (InsyaAllah) we decided to stay at the nearby hotel to minimize travelling back and forth from home to the vaccination centre.

Before making reservation for the hotel stay, I made calls and checking to ensure that we are allowed to travel together to the city as well as could we stay for the night.

The hotel is allowed to receive guests as long as the guests adhere to all the SOP and Covid-19 related matters. Once we arrived we need to share the screenshot of our vaccination appointment with the hotel as a proof for the stay.

Anyway, hopefully everyone will get their vaccination soon.

Oh, the second dose of AZ will be received within 9 weeks now instead of 12 weeks before.

Take care everyone!

P.s; it’s sad to see the road is that empty during weekend morning. Hope we’ll get better soon. InsyaAllah.

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