In my close to 16 years of services in government administrative ecosystem, I’ve participated in some consultations/negotiations/meetings/researches as well as presentation or seminars. I can tell it if you are not really prepare or do you study enough to participate in some specific topics.

Usually I would be feeling disappointed and frustrated when some expensively paid consultant can’t get what I meant… or didn’t really know the issues yet they are holding to something that they have decided earlier… and they would fight me because I wouldn’t agree/listen to them. It’s my portfolio, it’s where I’m coming from but it seems like you don’t want to acknowledge my input. It’s funny? I know that you’re the researcher… yes you’ve done your research, but like, I’m here, I’m doing it now, so can you take note and then, improve your findings?

Penat tau?

When we have meeting on Tuesday, I would appreciate the reports would be out on at least Thursday/Friday, better yet on Wednesday but this one… they posted the template for feedback after almost two weeks of our discussion. Hmmm.

I just hope you do better, I would appreciate if…

  • You study the background/core business of the agency/company that you are going to meet
  • You come back with the report as fast as you can after the discussions/if there’s any updates needed?
  • You are able to receive any inputs and study your findings later…
  • You believe in your respondent? and try to be understanding even if you don’t really understand? You can understand later?

Is it too much?

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