During this pandemic season which saw us spending most of the time of the day at home, we realized that (or at least I have realized) that there’s so much chores/task/work could actually be done online. I like having back to back meeting/focused meeting/discussions online to sort/clarify things out before we started implementing our programs once we were allowed to. But, that’s my plan.

I sometimes forget to include other factors especially the most important factor – that is my boss – and his boss, sometimes our point of views or our target aren’t really on the same pages. (Should I say, mostly). Anyway, I believe that, that is my limit due to my experience and insights which is of course limited if compared to the bosses. Still I can’t help feeling frustrating because of this limitation…

For me, I’d like to work as close as possible to the plan, so that if there’s anything unexpected coming our way, we could still mitigate it, and work our way accordingly. But now it seems some parties thought that it’s better to just postpone some programs to the next year. I mean, I’ve learned enough that time could be anything… could bring anything to us now (since the pandemic) that we shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Anyway I should be grateful that there are still things that could go on as planned albeit the delay. Once we had a yes, it’d be such a joy to get any program/plans started with the strategic partners/agencies. I’ve got few key activities outlined this month, and some trips too for these two final months. Still don’t know how to manage some tasks because it seems that we are trying to compress all those 10 months work into these 2 months with very few resources, but I guess, we’ll work accordingly and as much as we could. InsyaAllah…

I hope the programs that I’ve had chances to work on will benefit the target groups. (and my team will experience the satisfaction of doing good job).

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