Something to replace the other thing

I ni seorang yang malas, jadi I have to find something to counter this laziness to make up for every thing else. Faham tak ni? Tak faham pun takpe. I tulis sini sebab malas nak bebel di twitter or malas nak susahkan orang lain untuk memahami.

I malas nak hadap certain people, so untuk elakkan jumpa orang-orang yang I tak nak hadap ni, I have to train other people to cover up for me. Lucky for me that I can do that, by involving some other people in my unit.

I malas nak hadap certain people yang sudah ada persepsi tertentu terhadap I. Opps, bukan, maksud I, I ada rasa la certain people ni tak suka kat I… (maybe I yang tak suka dia dulu, so I pun rasa dia tak suka I). I suka je nak biar orang pandang I positively but well, I won’t go troubling myself to prove to them that I am like this or like that.  For me, if dia suka, dia sukalah, if dia tak suka, well. If pasal kerja, dalam cara ini, I cuma boleh buktikan melalui hasil kerja I saja, that I can work, anything that I was instructed to do, I will do it happily.  Katakan, if I dah delivered tahap A pun, but some people still don’t like me, I’d say, that’s their problem.

Thank you to those who is still around. Yang mana baru nak mendekat tu, kalau rasa tak boleh layan/hadap I, still not too late to walk away.

Semoga I tetap tak boleh nak buat-buat suka kat orang.


Culture – and a bit of anything else

During the training in Thailand, there was a point when I was placed in a room with three other Muslimah.  It was in Koh Chang or Island of Elephant. We stayed in a beautiful community resort – The Salakphet. My room mates were from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

 Farhana (Bangladesh) and Kusma (Indonesia) are happily married while Marvi and I are still single. Marvi was the kind of doing her own business, I think there were only few times in that two weeks that she would come and have full conversation with us.  Apart from us, there were another 5  ladies from various countries during the course. All of us got along well, except for Marvi.

During the stay (we stay there for a night), Farhana was asking me on why I am still single and all. I wouldn’t mind the conversation because at that time we could be already considered as close friends… Farhana kept on telling me the benefit of being married etc (like I don’t know… hahaa) but we just had that chit chat while waiting for the turn to use the bathroom.

Suddenly, Marvi came and told us… “I am also single” We were shocked, because a) she’s pretty and b) she’s quite older than most of us.

I was saying to Farhana, that in my country, if anybody ask me about these, I would classify them as nosy… hehehe. That was when Marvi chirped in and said “I am also single…. and yes, in my country… this could be considered as nosy as well”

Farhana quickly apologized and she was like.. “I am so sorry Aisha… I don’t know” I was like, nah, it’s okay.

Marvi then proceeded to tell us that as she has been working for too long (and ehem own quite some money) she doesn’t believe in men and I think at some point she was about to tell us that she thinks men are after her money. Hmmm. She said she doesn’t like to talk about the salary, about her work and about her singleness.

Oh, anyway, I don’t think she really likes talking pun. HAHA. Seriously when we were having dinner and laughing she would slowly got up and excused herself. Maybe she thought that we were a bit childish to be in her social circle.  (She even left the Whatsapps Group).

Marvi (Pakistan), Jisha (India), Thinley (Bhutan), me, Shahid (Pakistan) and Noorullah (Afghanistan)
Uncle(Afghanistan), Kit (Laos), Pema (Bhutan), Mazhar (Bangladesh), Mary (PNG), Randeni (Sri Lanka) and Swarti (India)
Farhana (Bangladesh), Fikry (Maldives), Kusma (Indonesia), Brian (Indonesia), Tin (Myanmmar), Masitha (Sri Lanka) and Rahim (Malaysia)

These were the groups for our transportation. We moved all over the place in 3 vans. So the vans were called – Lovely, Friends, Forever.

Nice eh.

The course was such a fun one. It was on eco-tourism! Tourism! We went to different part of Thailand in those 15 days together. Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samaesarn Island, Chantaburi, Chonburi… Hmm.

Okaylah, that’s all for now. Have a great day!


Puasa dah kita


Hi semua… (ada lagi ke yang baca… haha) Now, writing here is just for my own record… mostly.

Anyway, it’s already May and we have just started our fasting month, Ramadan few days ago. How’s it going with you guys? For me, alhamdulillah so far. Just this morning I wasn’t awake for sahur. Hmmm.

Rasanya semua orang ada kenangan kan masa puasa, especially masa kecil2 dulu? Masa gi terawih, masa curi-curi minum air paip hahaha. I pernah tu. Tak tau kenapa air paip tu rasa sedap sangatlah. Pastu masa I darjah 2 I sekolah petang, pagi I gi awal rumah kawan I and minum2 air kat rumah dia, lepas tu gi sekolah, balik rumah, masih puasa katanya. Tak tau berapa hari buat macam tu tapi harap-harap tak selalu lah. Sebab tahun tu arwah mak kata kalau puasa lebih 15 hari dapat RM15 kot? HIHI.

Kalau terawih paling diingati kat surau baru tempat kerja ayah, sebab jumpa ramai geng haha. Memang tak terawih sangat la, lebih banyak gossip rasanya dengan rakan sebaya.

Dulu-dulu rasanya kami jaranglah dapat pergi pasar Ramadan sebab mak ayah both kerja and adik2 pun ramai, takut ada yang hilang nanti tengah-tengah kesesakan tu. Tapi arwah ma always masak sedap2 pun so tak kisah sangat. Tapi ayah selalu belikan murtabak lah. Rasanya jarang sangat berbuka without murtabak. Sampai masa first time berpuasa di asrama tu rasa sedih sebab takde murtabak haha. Kenangan. Sekarang ni, seriously I beli nasi sebungkus ja terus rasa ok dah, tak payah nak beria sangat.

I masih tak faham konsep buffet tu jugak.

Sekarang I dah malas nak keluar berbuka kat luar tu, bukan sebab apa, sebab malas nak bersesak di surau lepas tu. (Alasan kan, sebenarnya sebab dah tua).  Lagi pun geng2 ramai dah kawin, sikit-sikit je tinggal yang single dan sudi nak berbuka bersama. HAHA, anyway, as I said earlier, I found it easier to just buy juadah dari kedai yang memang I tahu tahap masakan dia supaya takdelah kecewa bila berbuka. Setakat ni I beli nasi di Boat Noodle, Wong Solo and semalam nasi ayam kat rumah tu. Sabtu lepas I buka dengan adik2 I di Restoran Cili Pauh di Wangsa Walk, sedap. Tu pun kami keluar selepas solat maghrib.

Apa kenangan puasa you all? Apa-apa pun, I nak ucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa, dan zakat. InsyaAllah, semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan pada bulan yang mulia ini.




Travelling day.

Last Thursday my friends and I took a night flight out to Phuket (HKT). It was delayed, almost 2 hours and we were only given a bottle of mineral water, hmmm. When we reached the chalet, nobody’s at the reception. Luckily it was connected to a diner, which was ran by a bunch of ladies that were so helpful they advised me to ring the bell. But to no avail. Then, after ringing the bell quite few times, I saw the business card of the chalet and decided to give a call to a number on that. Turned out it was the phone in front of me, at the reception counter, which of course wasn’t a help. Then there’s another number, a mobile phone number and I decided to give it a try.

We were lucky someone’s picking up the phone, and here’s our phone conversation.

She : What time is now?
Me : It’s almost 1 o’clock
She : Check in at 2 pm.
Me : No, I booked for today, 17th not 18th….
She : Ohhh
Me : My flight’s delayed…
She : Oh, nobody there?
Me : No….
She : You go knock number 101… the staff is there. Maybe she sleeps.

I went to knock on 101 but again no one answered and then when I went to call her again, I saw 101’s key in the drop key box. I decided to open the door. There was no one inside the room and I assumed that it was for us. Heh. We were damn tired (spent) at that time, spent almost 7 hours travelling – started from ERL to klia2 to HKT to Kamala Beach.

When I was about to call her back, she called the reception and I picked it up, she sort of guessed that I would be there by the time she called. I informed her there was no one in the room but the key was in drop key box. She asked me if the room was clean, which it was and she told me that we can use the room. Turned out that it was a standby room for the clerk on the shift.

I informed the diner ladies that we were told to use the room and they bid us good night and good rest. We didn’t do much except went to 7E to get bottled waters and some food for breakfast, brushed our teeth and just went to sleep. There were only two pillows but there were 3 of us so I just slept on my backpack.

We woke completely around 8 am. I checked the bathroom and realized there were no towels, I thought I continued to sleep on and off until 10 am. My friends went out to see the beach which was just rightly in front of our room. Which was so nice. That was one of the factors that I went to sleep so much, because of the wind and the sound of the waves.

At 1030 I went to ask for towels and the lady at the reception recognized me easily. She apologized about the earlier incident and I was sorry too to have to call her so late at night. She gave us our real room, and provided us enough towels and pillows etc. She was too kind and warm, we did feel like we were at someone’s home instead of some chalet haha.

So, there; a bit of our adventure in Phuket.