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These past few weeks, I’ve been thinking of people who had left me, or I left them, anything, people who is not in my life any more. They might throw me out, I don’t know, I guess I always keep people in my world, that’s why I keep on remembering them now and then.

Of course, the first one that I’ve missed so much is my late mum. I hope all of my prayers reach her. I really hope. Yes, I still dream of her, once in a while. Ya Allah, bless her, please.

Then, people who used to be special friends. They used to be so special and maybe too close to me that when hurtful things happen they thought that it would be better to keep me off their lives. I couldn’t blame them, I guess. I was not a good friend for them before.

There are also friends who used to be so close, then they chose to leave me, but they came back to be my friends again. Those are specials too.

I don’t know, I guess I kind of miss those warm feeling of talking to someone from the past, miss the comfort of telling things we both know, we both share. HAHA.

Okay, that’s all for this afternoon.


Things at office are good so far. Nothing out of my reach. Alhamdulillah. The only bad part is to rewrite the proposal, oh my, I am such a lazy bum. Please someone hit me.

Pinch me.


Well, all the best to all.


Salam. πŸ™‚


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Now dah malas pula nak update kat sini. Rasa macam serabut saja sebab terlalu banyak spam comment. Dan interface pula lambat nya…

Tapi sayang pun ada juga.

Bos tetiba tegur cuti pulak. Malasnya nak layan, boleh tak? Bukan ada orang pun kat office masa ni. Boleh tak bagi cuti jer. Bos besar pun cuti. HEHE. Okay boss… nanti saya bincangkan.

Hari ni ada kawan post pasal kerja pula kat FB. Hai malasnya. Sebenarnya saya tak berapa suka hal kerja di bawa ke FB. Twitter pun tak mau tapi now boss boss semua dah ada twitter so saya pun twit jugakla sikit sikit. Tapi di FB ermmmmmm…

Apa-apa pun thanks ya. I know you have good intention. Haih, terpaksa pula saya bising pasal kerja kat sini.

Benda yang saya jaga ni, betul betul memeningkan kepala saya. Sebab saya tak ada kuasa. Boleh tak? Kalau saya berkuasa saya boleh nak minta orang buat itu ini. KAKAKAKA. Okay saya berangan.

Perkara yang saya jaga ni, memberi impak pada kemajuan ekonomi negara, well the statement could been nerdier, no? HAHA. And being here, trade and industry is not really at the top priority, on another note, it’s not really been a matter of focus. Because, as I put it before, we don’t really have power, we are not the regulators. Yes, we received so many recommendations on how to make things better, but we don’t have enough HR to do it, to begin with.

But I couldn’t say that, when I am in the meeting, I couldn’t say, we don’t have enough people to do that… That would be a bigger issue on itself for an officer to utter that kind of feedback. Bad, you know.

And I shouldn’t write it here too. But I did. πŸ˜› We are taking a second look at my unit, maybe I will have an additional workforce in the future, insyaAllah.

Actually apart from work, I am busy with my study too (my own trouble, I know) and I am the Secretary for the association too, so much things to be done, so much on my plates, but as I said before, if I think I have too much things to do, Tok Pa have much more than me. HAHA.

I wanna be knowledgeable on my issues, on my work, and coming from a different background, and now finding myself falling in love with this thing, I decided to study it further. That’s why I am here, working (full time) and studying (part time).


the title (blogspot) is particularly to inform that I usually blog on blogspot, too.

Have a great few days of Ramadhan.

p.s : I was born on 23rd Ramadhan. πŸ™‚


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13 Ramadhan dah!


Bulan puasa tahun ni macam sibuk je kan. Mesyuarat sentiasa ada, siap ada bengkel lagi, ada retreat lagi, sempat buat restructuring lah apa lah.

Pastu saya pulak rasa macam malasnya nak layan berbuka di luar. Kecuali tempat tu ada surau yang elok, ehem. Mines, tempat kesukaaan saya memang fail bab surau ni, sempit dan basah. EEE… Tak suka, surau kat Alamanda pulak, sejak renovate, and tukar tempat ni, saya tak tahu pun tempat baru kat mana. Punyalah malas nak solat di shopping mall. Biasa lepak di Alamanda atau Mines (paling dekat) pun pergi time lunch atau after maghrib. Mujurlah orang perempuan ni ada hari-hari tertentu boleh cuti solat. πŸ˜€ Bolehlah kalau nak berjalan lebih sikit masa tu. Erk.

So, macam mana entah Ramadhan kita semua? Harap semuanya sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah, dikurniakan tubuh badan yang sihat untuk beribadah, insyaAllah.



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Sudah Tua

For the first time,

I forget my password to WordPress! After how many years, almost 6 years! πŸ˜›

I changed it just now, reset it. No, I didn’t change it since it was given to me automatically when I created the blog.

Okay, nothing much, last weekend I went to Cherating, saja suka-suka.

Spent one night at a guesthouse. I’ve been to the same stall I used to have keropok lekor 5 years ago, during Induksi course. Got the chance to main air pantai, berendam and all. Best. Had breakfast at Hai Peng, nasi dagang dan roti bulat yang rangup. Sedapnya, Alhamdulillah!

I went there with Izzah and she’s got to meet her ex housemate, which left me alone la, nasib baik ada whatsapps and all.


Okaylah, that would be all. I don’t have that much photos.


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For you :)

Dear J,


Good luck on your posting. I was hoping I could spend more time with you but I do understand that everyone is looking forward to the same thing with you, so I thought I could just make do with what I have got.

I wish you all the best, I know it will be a hard work there with a lot of barriers but I know you can do it. πŸ˜‰

I know you wouldn’t be reading this because I have never told you about this but I still want to write this here, for my reference. Plus I think you have had enough wishes from me. πŸ™‚ Right?

I’m gonna miss you, sure.

and that’s him wearing the tie I’ve bought. πŸ™‚
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Miss Advised ;-)


I don’t know if you guys watch this show or not, but forgive me, I am a sucker for this kind of chic tv show. The show is one of a kind, where I think I could relate to one of the three actors. My favourite would have been Julia Allison. She’s a dating expert, as they said. Basically I think, we’ve been through few similar situations and we used to be looking for the one. πŸ˜› (I am happy that now she’s found her Mr. Right, while me, err still searching or maybe I am just resting for a while and letting things happen).

I read Julia’s blog and I think there’s a lot of references that I could (relate) relate to, of Β course. But as Julia said, it’s when we learned and knew how to be loved then, the love will find us, hopefully, well I do hope I didn’t misunderstand her point.

There are also Amy (the matchmaker) and Emily (the sex expert). While both things are something taboo in our culture, I believe that the audiences are adult enough to observe those appropriate acts only. I can’t help but think those who blame others over their own stupid acts are merely, stupid, (that) they can’t think for themselves. Well, I did being stupid sometimes but well, to blame others, please.


On other note, I have found this cute blog, named Oldstock, basically about a man who tells stories while reminiscing his past, withΒ relate-able experiences that could make (wise) men, women, boys and girls more grateful to be here. Though when I read it, I almost wished I was at the same age with him and had same chances as he had, now that seems ungrateful hehe. I wish him the best.

So, tomorrow I will be having my first class for this new semester, oh, I forget to share that I was offered (after much hassle, and of course I applied for it) a scholarship by JPA that it will cover my study fee, well, that means so much. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, all the best, I hope we will all have a bliss and blessed weekend. Insha Allah.

Take (good) care. Someone used to say this a lot. I miss him, not. Just a thought, okay, I wish he could make up his mind, but that’s another story, pray for me.

Again, take care. πŸ™‚


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  • Dua hari lepas saya hadiri satu konferens pasal Trade Competitiveness Analysis, semua perkara dikupas, dari finding sampai ke cara-cara nak dapat data etc, more or less, dia macam ajar cara nak buat research. Dia tu orang-orang World Bank yang hebak.
  • Saya duduk sebelah kawan saya dari KKR. Dah jumpa banyak kali. Dia rajin. Lepas habis sesi saja dia terus emel report kepada boss dia. Saya? HEEEEE.
  • Selepas habis hari pertama saya jumpa kawan lama saya. Exboifren kut. HAHA. 5 minit jer. Dia sedang bekerja. Tanya2 khabar lepas tu dia walk me to my car. Bye.
  • Hari kedua saya duduk sebelah seorang lelaki dari MPC. Friendly. Macam-macam isu kami bincang, dari isu trade, etc sampai isu Lahad Datu. HEE. Dia pakai sarung tangan di sebelah kiri. Nerve issue. Sebulan lebih dah dia kata, tak tahu pasal apa.
  • Saya terpaksa juga sembang pasal kerja during break which I don’t really good at. Sembang gossip artis okaylah kut. Tapi mana buleh nyah. πŸ˜›
  • Jumpa mutual friends yang lain, ladies dari MOF dan MIDA. Ada satu perkara yang kami sama-sama setuju about a particular person that we’ve met during meeting, argh, we clicked just like that. Masa break ramai juga yang tanya adakah kami ni dari satu agensi sebab kami boleh gelak-gelak walaupun baru jumpa lebih kurang 5 minit lepas.
  • Okaylah. Now balik ke pejabat semula. Saya rasa sangat penat. HEE. Seronoknya kalau boleh jumpa orang-orang baru macam ni, rasa fresh. Tapi sebenarnya, orang-orang yang selalu ada di sekitar kita pun best dan paling baik. πŸ™‚
  • Tadi saya dah clearkan mesin basuh, hantar ke rumah Puchong.
  • Saya juga dah called astro untuk downgrade package. Baru saya tahu, pakej Beyond adalah seumur hidup dan sebarang pemasangan, pemindahan adalah percuma…. Dan saya juga boleh tutup akaun saya untuk beberapa bulan sekiranya saya tidak mahu pakai untuk sementara waktu. Oleh sebab di rumah sekarang saya tak guna langsung astro tu, saya just downgrade saja sebab untuk tutup sekejap saya kena tunggu kontrak genap setahun, which will be on 9th May 2013. Less than two months.
  • Fuh, saya ada satu offer yang agak menarik. Saya kena fikirkan. Now I need my financial consultant please! πŸ™‚

Okaylah tu jer.

Semoga berjaya semua!!!